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Squatters Organize Co-Op in 'World's Tallest Slum'

Aug 14th 2013 5:56PM The people living in this luxury high rise aren't necessarily homeless or poor. They pay dues and have jobs. They look out for the elderly and infirmed. When homeless people in the U.S. squat, they destroy a place. No electricity? No heat? No problem; we'll start a fire on the floor in the middle of the living room. No running water to flush the problem, we'll use it anyway and leave a stalagmite of crap to the ceiling. Building secured? Not anymore! Homeless people here in KY have been known to burn down barns that they trespassed into, fouled properties under construction. Homelessness IS a problem...but homeless shelters are what is needed and they need to be controlled.

Sinkhole Tourism: 'It's Just Human Nature To Want To See The Hole'

Aug 8th 2013 4:09PM I have a sinkhole on my property...maybe I should charge people admission to come and look at it.

Retired Marine's Multi-Use Garage Sparks Controversy in Dearborn

Jul 3rd 2013 10:22PM City officials with too much time on their hands. People where I live actually close in the garage and turn it into a den or one complains.

Chinese Tourist Vandalizes Egyptian Temple, Pisses Off China

May 28th 2013 9:09AM Wait! Didn't some tourists in China get a public caning for committing such mischief several years back? Now what? We Cyper-Whup folks? What's next? Cyber Jail Terms where you log in and serve your prison term from the comfort of your own home?

Redditor Beth Robinson Posts Security Camera Video of Robbery at Her Home

Jan 3rd 2013 6:36PM It would have been funny if when the sneaky-Pete looked around the corner, he was whacked over the head with a bat or a frying pan! This is why I have a dog. A loud ferocious-sounding dog will deter most burglars, unless they are just bound and determined to break in. But I wouldn't want to meet anyone's dog in a dark house by myself. Even a Chihuahua or a Poodle will defend its home. Get a dog.

Redditor Beth Robinson Posts Security Camera Video of Robbery at Her Home

Jan 3rd 2013 6:32PM The camera must have some kind of infrared lighting to see in the dark.

Atheist Patrick Greene, Who Threatened to Sue Over Courthouse Nativity Scene, Sparks New Controversy

Nov 25th 2012 12:37AM by RAY Q - November 24th 2012 @ 9:49PM

looks like Jesus has gone out of his way, through the church, to grab this guys attention. I pray for his salvation and that God himself will show this man and his wife/partner that he loves them and wishes them to be with him forever. ;)

Well put, Ray! Merry Christmas!

Matt Feeney Finds His Denver Home Was Owned by Notorious Smaldone Mob Family and Rigged to Burn

Nov 13th 2012 8:25PM ...another Geraldo Rivera. He found SQUAT! Matches and moonshine. Bupkus! Nada! Zilch! A nice house with a little bit of notoriety. Enjoy the house; it's pretty.

Buying a 'Bad' Home: What to Know in Case You Buy a House of Horrors

Nov 11th 2012 9:46PM When we bought our Lemon House in July '06 and it flooded in September '06, we did not receive the FEMA insurance report until December '06 :( Had we known our house flooded over 10 times, with several claims in the thousands of dollars, we would not have bought this place. Our Realtor, the inspector and the owners all lied. We tried to sue; it took 2 years and we got $1000 from the former owners and $800 from the Realtor. :\

Buying a 'Bad' Home: What to Know in Case You Buy a House of Horrors

Nov 11th 2012 9:39PM You pay it down until you can unload it. About another $20,000 and someone can pick up this baby in a nice neighborhood near one of the best schools in our town for about $60,000. It's in a flood plain. If you are considering a home in a flood plain, where you HAVE to have flood insurance sold by FEMA- RUN! Flood plain means: buy a farm pump and stock up on sand bags. When you are under a thunderstorm watch...plan on not getting any sleep. Have a bunch of friends who have pickup trucks. Have an emergency fund so when the flood hits you and your family can go to a hotel for a few days.


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