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Terri Wehry

Terri Wehry

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Sofia Vergara Buys Beverly Hills Villa for $10.6 Million

Apr 14th 2014 2:00PM Beautiful home... I just don't understand though.... if you can afford over 10m for a house, wouldn't you keep full rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms? Moreso if you know they are going to be taking pictures? ( yes, i notice stupid little things like that)

About Half of HAMP Mortgages Are Back in Default, Report Says

Jul 26th 2013 9:08PM Just another one of Obama's success stories.He saved the banks at the expense of the citizens.

Las Vegas' Most Absurd Home for Sale? (House of the Day)

Jun 12th 2013 5:20AM Geeze, that place would give me nightmares.

'House' Star Lisa Edelstein Is Checking Out

May 18th 2011 11:28AM The whole draw to House is the underlying love/hate relationship between Cuddy and House and House's developing relationship with Cuddy's little girl. Without them in the show, it's just a medical show. Pay her what she's worth , i bet no others were asked to take a cut in pay.WTH is wrong with the Gods at Fox? Pulling AMW and Lie to Me and messing with House, one mistake after another...

Teen Drug Use of Marijuana, Ecstasy on an Upswing

Apr 9th 2011 6:06PM Unfortunately, a lot of parents of these teens forgot to grow up themselves and still use drugs, exposing thier kids to it. The kids are learning from thier parents. There are alot of people in thier 30-40's who never gave it up. It's no wonder the teenage use is spiking.

Boy Says He Has Been to Heaven, Where Everyone Has Wings

Mar 21st 2011 5:04PM It was done years ago, "Touched By an Angel " ring a bell? The guy that played Andrew just passed away a couple of months ago, at a pretty young age.

Most Americans Believe Single Motherhood Is Bad for Society, Survey Finds

Feb 17th 2011 7:19PM I think it's the women who have 10 kids to different fathers and live on welfare thier whole lives that people (taxpayers) aren't happy with.You know, the ones on Maury Poviche's show. There's way too many of them. Most of them, even though they don't work and are home all day, don't mother thier kids, they're too worried about where they're going to find thier next boyfriend.They're the ones who act like victims, feel they're entitled to everything.

Cursive Handwriting Getting Erased as Schools Teach Typing Over Script

Jan 24th 2011 9:27AM I can't imagine kids not learning cursive. I still use it daily. Kids should learn how to do it.I was forced to take a year of spanish that i never used again, after all, this IS America. They don't want the kids to learn cursive but they make sure they know what a condom is and how to use it, teach them about gay rights and an altered version of American History. No wonder kids are so screwed up these days.

Retirement Income: Six Ways to Earn $1,000 a Month

Jan 21st 2011 7:36AM Does the writer realize most of us have no savings ? Alot of folks nearing retirement age now weren't able to go to college, all the grants etc. didn't exhist back then. Alot of us have worked Mfg. jobs our whole lives and have never made enough to be able to save anything. So what are we supposed to do? No colas in sight and cost of evertyhing is going thru the roof. We have had to learn to live with alot less. We worked our whole adult lives doing physically hard work and now all we have to look forward to is living (if you can call it that) on far less than when we were working.

My Grandson's Meltdowns Are Wearing Us Out!

Jan 18th 2011 10:56AM If we would have EVER pulled this crap on our mother we would have gotten our asses smacked.All this "coddling" of kids sure isn't preparing them for life. There ARE consequences for bad behavior. It's no wonder there is so much bullying and crime these days, they think they can do anything to anyone .They aren't taught to have respect anymore either.Most are little selfish brats anymore, sad.


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