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How to treat a cold sore

Jan 5th 2008 2:38PM L-Lysine is the BEST! There is also a lip cream, (very inexpensive as well), that you can also use w/ this is you dont catch it in time. Right when you feel the onset start on L-Lysine, (can get this anywhere! Walmart), then continue for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks and it will be completely GONE! ; )

Whole Foods Gets Into The Spa Business

Dec 19th 2006 1:57PM I also believe if you read more carefully, you to will see that it is the cost of someone doing your shopping that is $20, not the massage. I have tested in this area many times, just read it differently and of course, more careful! I too do massage on the side, and believe me, no one is doing it for a mere $20 an hour. For every 8 given, you are to get one yourself just to recover. J


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