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Faster iPhone Coming Out July 11 for $199

Jun 9th 2008 7:45PM I read somewhere that Apple's contract with AT&T will be over in either 2011 or 2012, so it'll still be a while.

Japan questions Crocs' safety

Apr 22nd 2008 1:14PM I've been a klutz since I was little. I always trip over my own two feet in any shoes...does that mean they should be taken away? fall. It's a fact of life. When crocs first came out, plenty of the elementary kids at my K-12 school wore them and never had more accidents than if they wore regular shoes. I tripped on an escalator in cheap flip flops and sprained my ankle and scratched up my foot...who should I sue? I was hurrying through the house in socks the other day, slipped on the hardwood floor, and fell flat on my I have a case. Yes I'm being sarcastic about the suing, but don't take something off the market because some people can't use it.

Hallmark promotes teen sex

Apr 15th 2008 8:58PM I'm 18 and think the card is hilarious. In fact, I'd probably jokingly send it to my friends because they'd laugh too...and I like the poem at the top of the page-made me laugh too. Oh and I'm staying a virgin until I'm married...the card does not make me want to remove my clothes and go have sex. That woman's crazy.

How Many Calories ... in New York Cheesecake?

Apr 11th 2008 10:40PM If you exercise enough, the extra calories really don't matter. When I had 2-hour basketball practice everyday followed by 2 hour cheer practice, I ate whatever I wanted. Therefore, if you want to eat the cheescake, work out enough to compensate for it.

Now that I don't have sports anymore, I'll share my meal and cheesecake with a friend and don't feel bad. Fewer calories, same satisfaction without the temptation of eating the whole slice. Plus I don't feel overly full.

Preschooler banned for trendy haircut

Apr 8th 2008 8:04PM It's only his hair, and HE picked it out. That shows a lot of self-confidence to pick out a unique style. I'm glad he did pick out something he liked instead of letting his mom choose something for him. That way he learns how to stand up for himself and his choices against teasing and bullying.
Now, if it's that big of a problem, let the hair grow out or give him a really short cut on the sides. Besides, it's not like his hair growth will follow the divides. Give it a month and it will probably just look choppy where the designs were.

Rules for air travel with children

Apr 7th 2008 12:01AM The last time I flew, I had a window seat and the 7-year old beside me politely asked if I would switch so she could look out the window. Of course I said yes because she asked so nicely and her mother genuinely thanked me. She was a better rowmate than many adults have been. They were also travelling with a baby who had been given benadryl to relax her. She only fussed when her ears popped. Most kids I've seen were excited to be on the plane and tried to behave like adults because a plane is a special "adult" way to travel. The little girl got bored after about 30 minutes, and they accidentally put her coloring books and stuff in her suitcase, so she "did" my spanish homework with me and colored on notebook paper the rest of the time. Usually kids make me nervous, but I've seen worse behavior from kids at restaurants than on airplaines.

Cosmo Names Apple Stores Best Places to Meet Single Men

Mar 3rd 2008 9:19PM Well, if Cosmo says it, it MUST be true...

Who will be deported? The immigration in videogame

Feb 20th 2008 7:05PM I love the idea of immigration, but I wish that people would do it legally. Btw, I am trying to learn Spanish and French, so I like reading this latino blog. However, the poster should proofread his article. Oh, I don't particularly like the game becuase it seems to complicated for me to play. I still struggle with regular Super Mario.

'Stretching' Hair 101: Black Hair Care Advice

Feb 20th 2008 6:57PM What is the best conditioner to use on damaged, broken hair? I have fine, light brown, caucasian hair and am trying to grow it out, but it keeps breaking off and falling out. I'm asking here because I know chemically processed hair needs to be deeply conditioned and I figured someone could help. My hair isn't colored or permed, so there's no chemical damage. Thanks!

Michael Phelps Says New Speedo Will Make Records Fall at 2008 Summer Olympics

Feb 17th 2008 9:13PM You know, $550 isn't that bad for equipment that could make a difference in your performance. Of course I am biased since one pair of skating boots costs at least $600 or more if you go custom. I think it's great that the suit can help their times and hope the swimmers do wonderful in them.


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