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Buying a 'Bad' Home: What to Know in Case You Buy a House of Horrors

Nov 11th 2012 12:02PM Owning a home requires constant maintenence in order to prevent these issues. Unfortunately most people operated on a wait til it breaks maintence. A lot of this sounds like basic things that go wrong as a homeowner, apart from glued on handles omg. Checking the credentials of an inspector is a chore and may be why some people will risk an eyeball inspection only. Newer homes are also not failsafe from this experience I should think although they presumably come with some sort of a warantee.

Single-Family Rental Houses Draw Millions Impacted by Foreclosure Crisis

Jul 20th 2012 1:38AM

The article makes it all sound fine and dandy but what about the loss of any equity? When these relatively young people age and are no longer able to work, and have no real pensions how will they afford increased rental fees and where will they go then?

Single-Family Rental Houses Draw Millions Impacted by Foreclosure Crisis

Jul 20th 2012 1:35AM
End the Bush era tax cuts to the uber rich and you might get a break. Why do you vote against your own best interests?

Mow Your Lawn or Go to Jail, Warns One Long Island Village

Jun 15th 2012 1:47AM
Long Island never had such scrubs as these days. Years ago, everyone pulled their weight and there were no abandoned cars, dumpsters, weeds, broken down fences, and junk like you see these days. In my experience it is rarely the elderly who are offenders, but more typically dysfunctional able bodied people. It is called moving to a condo if you don't want to maintain a home. Municipalities are undermanned especially in the Code Enforcement department. I think it is a wonderful idea for raising money. If we have to look at these eyesores why shouldn't something positive come out of it. Fining those who refuse to maintain their properties (after reasonable warnings) will at least pay for a code enforcement officer.

Reclusive Heiress Leaves Behind 5 Homes Worth $180 Million

Mar 10th 2012 1:22AM
I know it is politically incorrect to say, and I mean no disrespect, but will you get a load of the bracelets she is wearing! She really did dress the part of an heiress.

10 Top Markets for Bargain Hunters

Nov 20th 2011 1:09AM
...and we care about all of this because...?

Hot Color for Fall: Mustard

Aug 9th 2011 11:49PM I disagree w/ the last posted comment. This color which I personally prefer to call saffron, was worn by fashion icon Jacki Kennedy. It can make a nice accent with grey or brown IMO. I think it can be tricky to implement, but is very high fashion.

Tom Hanks eats chilis and is the new dancing weatherman of Univision

Jun 22nd 2011 7:10PM Tom Hanks is such a hoot! I wish I could trade in my brother for him. "Viva la cultura Latina!"

Keeping Fit After 70

Jun 11th 2011 1:12PM I am tired of these articles that imply that diet and exercise will work for everyone. As an extremely fit diet exerciser I can attest that it only works for a segment of the population. I don't care how Whole foods you go our food sources are not all that healthful (yes, "healthful" NOT "healthy"). Hormones and metabolism can change the complexion of a lot despite any regime. For the posters here who are proponents of colonics - you are pulling that out of you a$$. Colonics have been proven to be bogus for weight management and perhaps even harmful. Exercise is very good for keeping the machine oiled, but it is not necessarily the answer for weight control for everyone.

Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face

Jun 6th 2011 3:28PM Without viewing the entire incident it is a rough call, but it goes
through my mind that despite the fact that this was a well- liked,
popular teacher, nobody came to her defense. I also wonder where the school security was? It is a shame that she felt this threatened and that this young man, so out of contol got struck.
Unfortunately it is not surprising. I used to see incidents like these
regularly, Admninistration mostly hole-up in their offices and
fault-find those in the trenches. I can't say I miss seeing this kind
of violence on a regular basis. I think the violent students should be
scheduled for on-line courses. The law protects those with anti-social
behaviors, but does little for the rest of us.



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