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Carol Lantow

Carol Lantow

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Faith in Real Estate: Using Divine Intervention to Sell Homes

Sep 7th 2012 5:42PM I had a home listed with clients who suggested we bury a St. Joseph statue in the yard (upside down) facing the street. As a Realtor, I supported my clients' suggestion and bought a St. Joseph statue, only to discover on presenting it to them, they had also bought one. So--we buried both of them! Within two weeks we had two offers on the house, either one which was acceptable, but a quicker closing made one better than the other. I've told this story to many people--and a lot of Realtors!!

CBS Has Favorable Insta-Poll on Obama Speech, but Take It With a Grain of Salt

Jan 28th 2010 1:45AM The speech was absolutely perfect; very inclusive of every aspect of a democratic vision for America. This country has needed this man who came to the people with amazing gifts--leadership skills and an undeniable concern for the well being of the people he was elected to lead. The way was not smooth, but in one year progress has shown forth. Please give your elected leader a break! He came into office with the country in a complete meltdown. Jobs were exported overseas, financial overseers betrayed their constituents, an incredible bailout originated without regulation as to how the funds were to be distributed or how they were to be repaid. There is a major mess to be dealt with in this beloved country and it is going to take a reasoned and determined leader to help us regroup. The country should prefer democracy to economic tyranny by corporations. Stay the course!!

Marijuana Legalization Could End Up On California Ballot

Dec 17th 2009 1:02AM Our Minnesota governor just vetoed the legalization of medical marijuana. Bad move, friends. A gun wielded by a dealer and pointed at the temple of a person trying to buy some marijuana to alleviate his bi-polar symptoms resulted in $300 gone, no marijuana, and a seriously shaken victim. GET RID OF THIS NONSENSE!!! Legalization of marijuana, (not just medical marijuana)should take place throughout the nation. Alcohol usage is legal, but is infinitely more detrimental to society than marijuna usage. The country would benefit by reducing the criminal element, allowing adults the freedom to grow their own, or purchase and pay a tax for the product. The black market price is outrageous, the street stuff is dangerous, and the citizenry has not been allowed to bring this issue to a vote, state by state. The time is now!!

Goldman's call to arms: Bankers seeking gun permits ahead of bonus season

Dec 4th 2009 1:02AM When bailout talks first began, it was definitely supposed to target saving homeowners by intervening with mortgage assistance. Instead, former Goldman executive, Hank Paulson, on behalf of the Bush administration "saved" the economy from sure disaster by diverting that bailout to the banks without as much as a contract with terms for repayment. And one of the largest bailout amounts was given to Goldman. Is a "conflict of interest" still a consideration in the democratic process? Can the US taxpayers sue Goldman for immediate return of all bailout funds based on "conflict of interest"? Did Hank Paulson still have Goldman stock at the time of the bailout? Does he currently have Goldman stock?

Controlling overdraft fees could be next bill on the horizon

Sep 23rd 2009 10:49PM Lita, my dear--you are much to kind to these banks in suggesting we have only two choices; either have the overdraft accepted or rejected. Your choices suggest paying the banks the huge overdraft fees or having the bank reject payment. First of all, the fees are absolutely outrageous (up to 3,000 percent!). How much would it cost to have personnel at the bank pick up the phone and immediately let the person who has written the check or used their debit card that there is an overdraft problem and give them a chance to cover it immediately. And this option should be used in conjunction with all checks being deducted in the order they were written, not biggest ones first. if it is necessary to assess a reasonable overdraft fee. Do not let the banks weasel out of this one--we need a legislative answer and the legislation proposed so far does not go nearly far enough. We need specifics and we need them now! Legislators need consumer input. Consumers have the power--USE IT!!

Overdraft fee overload: Can we get a little help here?

Sep 22nd 2009 10:43PM So--let's get some legislative action on these unscrupulous banks. Wells Fargo really did a number on my son. He deposited $80 into his account at an ATM on a Saturday morning. He then made several small purchases at a mall (coffee, magazine, etc.) with his debit card. Well, it seems the deposit did not credit until after the weekend, and Wells Fargo charged him in excess of $400 in overdrafts for those minimal purchases (at $34 per purchase) as well as "chewing up" his deposit! What kind of a country do we live in where corporations can be this crass with their customers. Needless to say, he no longer banks with Wells Fargo! This nonsense needs to stop ASAP, or we need to start picketing those banks!

Fuzzy numbers make Citi the second strongest bank

Jul 1st 2009 11:58PM Does $75 million in total compensation for a total of seven executives (including Pandit) during 2008 bother anyone but me??

Work Less, Earn More

Jan 16th 2009 8:26PM Taloolah--Right on!! We need to get this message out loud and clear! The corporation executives should make no more than 5 times the base pay for their employees, and their benefits should be EXACTLY the same as those of the employees.

Money winners of 2008: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon

Dec 15th 2008 11:11PM B.Harrison:

Your are absolutely spot on in your assessment of the CEO compensation "awarded" to corporate figureheads in the US. Just the top seven executives of Citigroup (many more throughout the corporation) received $72 million this year--all this while their stock price tanked! And, as if that wasn't enough, the government now has "awarded" the company billions for a "bailout". Contact your members of congress--EVERYONE DO THIS!! My representative voted against BOTH bailout measures! CONTROL these corporations; the people have the power if they work together to change this greed culture. We need to work for the good of the common man; we need consideration for the rights of all to have a comfortable standard of living. The age of the robber barron should have ended with the beginning of the last depression. Let's GET WITH IT!!

Citigroup talking to Treasury, Fed

Nov 22nd 2008 10:36PM No bailout money should be going to CitiBank. As of January 2008, $721,154,539 in "awards" went to the top seven executives. HMMM--3/4 of a billion dollars to a handful of top dogs.
And here are the non-passed stockholder proposals from the last stockholder meeting:
* Request for a report on prior governmental service of certain individuals (Robert Rubin is on the board)
* Request for a report on political contributions
* Request that executive compensation be limited to 100 times the average compensation paid to worldwide employees
* Request that two (rather than one) candidates be nominated for each board position
* Request for an independent board chairman
* Request for adoption of certain employment principles for executive officers.
Banks used to have a 2 point spread and made plenty of money. Now with the lowering of the interest rate for their incoming funds and comparing the rates charged for the outgoing funds regarding loans to the public, the spread is MUCH higher. They don't need bailing out--they need a belt tightening at the top end!!


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