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Marc Anthony reveals new girlfriend (PHOTO)

Jan 4th 2012 4:59PM Im thinkin' Marc will be made a fool of before too long...this doesnt seem like a match...cocky 24 year old super model withe her whole life in front of her, vs an older guy with a fading star. Ego for ego, I dont see a future here. But who knows...

Troops Boo Kathy Griffin for Bristol Palin Fat Jokes

Dec 6th 2010 9:42PM You know what's hell...listening to this nasty, hard on the eyes bimbo. Just hearing her name makes me hock a looey.

Kathy Griffin: Why Does Charlie Sheen Have a Job?

Nov 11th 2010 12:42PM Its always amusing to listen to one dirt bag critique another one lmao! Kathy Griffith is like nails on a chalk board.

David Bowen's 'Fly Blimps' Take Off With the Help of Houseflies

Sep 26th 2010 9:49AM Very strange guy. And bad time to be a fly.

Eliminate the Top 10 Household Odors

Sep 6th 2010 12:35AM Ben, well said and lmao!

Artist Builds Backyard Survival Shelter, Homemade Shotgun Robot

Sep 4th 2010 2:25AM David..why dont you put the last thing first...pray...and let God figure the rest out.

Artist Builds Backyard Survival Shelter, Homemade Shotgun Robot

Sep 4th 2010 2:23AM CaptAmerica...well stated...and thanks for your service to our country.

Artist Builds Backyard Survival Shelter, Homemade Shotgun Robot

Sep 4th 2010 2:20AM With all due respect, why the heck would he want to survive any kind of nuclear holocost/attacks/et al? Buddy, if that ever happens, there wont be anything on this planet for eons...what quality of life do you think you'll have? This is ridiculous. Deal with the present, and do all you can to preserve our nation and our planet in ways that make sense. This is off the chart paranoia. (P.S. get in touch with your faith'll need that more than a bunker)

The Fashion Statement: Woolly Mammoth Ivory is Huge

Aug 19th 2010 7:48PM I am rotflmao at this article...who the heck cares what this woman is wearing besides her? The rest of the country is barely hanging onto their jobs, homes and sanity, and Obama is on his 6th vacation this year. I cant wait until this is all a blur in the rear view mirror. Register to vote and make sure you DO IT.

I Now Pronounce You Annoying -- Wedding Trends That Need to Go

Aug 13th 2010 9:07PM This article cracked me up...reminded me of some really stupid weddings from the 70s...ushers in powder blue tuxes, with white patent shoes and long hair... the tarantela after a half dozen rum and cokes, the smashed cake in the face.....creeps me out just thinking about it.


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