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Duct Cleaners Faked Mold and Mildew Damage To Scare Up Contracts, AG Says

Jan 31st 2011 1:13PM I have involved environmental engineers on numerous cases where mold was KNOWN to be active. Not once, NOT ONCE, have I seen one of them use a protective suit -- or even a face mask -- when they walk into such a building. Ease up & relax a bit, folks !

Survey Says: Most Small Businesses Support Repeal of Health-Care Reform

Jan 28th 2011 11:27AM Fella, I read about 1/3 of your post before my eyes played out looking at your memo in all caps. It may be easier for you to see, but it literally hurts my eys to the point that I give up reading pretty quickly. It looked like you were making some good points, but I just had to quit reading it.

NHTSA announces new 'ejection mitigation' regulation

Jan 14th 2011 6:07PM And what about that young child of yours that unbuckles while you are doing 65 MPH down the road and is then thrown out due to a roll-over situation? I guess YOUR child does not deserve nor need this protection since you put padlocks on the seat belt, right?? You cannot ALWAYS know for a fact that that little one in the back seat does, in fact, have his belt on!

Linens 'N Things Purchase a Nightmare: Help Me, WalletPop!

Jan 6th 2011 2:56PM Try to find a phone number for AOL. It is there. It will just take an hour, or so, to locate it. Well hidden!

10 Things to Buy Before the End of the Year

Dec 17th 2010 3:27PM We went looking at clothes washers last evening (as well as ckd. online) and it looked to me like they had bumped their prices UP - maybe to make up for deep discount Black Friday ???

U.S.-spec Ford Ranger to officially end production in 2011, Ford explains why

Sep 20th 2010 6:42PM Gee. The way parts fall off of Fords (or fail off Fords) -- just think of the parts market they are going to lose!

Hemlines & Hawing -- Was Ines Sainz 'Asking' to Be Harassed?

Sep 14th 2010 8:16PM Could it be possible that the language used, or whatever, was REALLY the result of the MEN being uncomfortable with a woman in a men's domain ??

Home Ec: 4 Cleaning "Essentials" You Can Ditch for Good

Aug 22nd 2010 5:44PM BEWARE !!! Life causes death !!

A dozen ways to use dryer sheets that don't involve the dryer

Aug 17th 2010 12:59PM CAUTION !!! Life causes death !!!

A dozen ways to use dryer sheets that don't involve the dryer

Aug 17th 2010 12:55PM CAUTION !! Life causes death !!!!


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