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9 Sexy Swimsuits With The Most Awkward Tan Line Potential

May 2nd 2011 2:03AM You know what. im gonna say this as kindly as possibe because you might have a medical license but you are so ignorant. I also used to think badly about plus size women and always thought that they are that way because all the did was eat all the time and not exercise. Until i ended up getting sick with an autoammune disease and was put on steriods and unded up gaining a substantial amount of weight. Carefull u could end up like me some day the one who always judged is now being judged and its not a good feeling. You might have a medical degree but without some compassion you mean nothing to me and probalby alot of other people who wouldnt want you to be my Dr.

9 Sexy Swimsuits With The Most Awkward Tan Line Potential

May 2nd 2011 1:48AM Terry i also had one of those bathing suits and it was a one piece i bought at a tanning salon i tanned at back in the day. Its a good thing i didnt get skin cancer cuz back then mid 80s they didnt tell you constantly about the dangers of the sun and not wearing sunscreen.

5 Great Small Dogs for Apartment Living

Aug 19th 2010 11:58PM u are so right randi, i also have a pekignese and he is a great little dog. everyone in my apt complex says hi to him because he is super friendly and gets along with all people and animals. just be careful not to invade his personal space and treat his owner right then hes sure to luv ya!!

5 Great Small Dogs for Apartment Living

Aug 19th 2010 11:49PM i have a pekignese and he is a great little apt dog, he gets along well with cats and dogs and doesnt bark unless he feels threatened or ur in his personal space. I really was suprised that they had the chihuahua as a good apt dog, considering every chihahua ive come across always is a constant yapper of a dog!!

Bankrupt Teresa Giudice Sizzles in Tanning Ads

Jul 31st 2010 10:43PM well at least she can work at the pizza place her husband owns. and she can live in the apartment right next door to it that he also owns. lol im sure she probably thinks she is too good for that job but there is alot of people that do what they have to to make a living, and there is no shame in that!!

Rodent-Proof Your House

Jul 31st 2010 9:11AM not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a brand new house.

Mike Sorrentino's Terrible Turtleneck Situation Photo

Jul 23rd 2010 3:28PM i dont know but if you ask me whoever had them wear turtlenecks was a genius because it takes the focus off of there big noses!!!! i cant grasp why any women would be attracted to that thing in any situation except for maybe 'the night after situation'!!!

Bodymetrics, a quest for the perfect jean

Jan 19th 2007 9:49AM carefull Debora you spelled warm wrong !!!

Dream Creams: Winter Skin Moisturizers At Every Price Range

Dec 30th 2006 4:46PM i use Dr.Denese day cream with spf 15, i like it because it has a little bit of color in it so if u dont feel like wearing makeup u could just wear this and it makes your skin soft and dewy looking. give it a try she also has many other products i use and believe me i have tryed from the most expensive to the cheapest!! you can get her products from HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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