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'Jerry Springer': We Never Made Monetary Offer to Casey Anthony

Jul 9th 2011 8:44AM The Springer show does not need to have a child murderer as a guest who would still be where she belongs in jail if a broken careless negligent jury had not decided to look the other way. Let's hope other media outlets also use good taste and not insult the memory of children that were abused or murdered by letting this criminal profit.

Could Casey Anthony Judge, Belvin Perry, Be the Next Judge Judy?

Jul 6th 2011 1:42PM Judge Perry would be a far better administer of the law than Judy. It's unfortunate he had to get caught up in this hideous Anthony trial and the ridiculous jury verdict, but it's was not his fault.

Heidi Klum: You're Never Too Old for Topless Tanning

Jun 30th 2011 3:59PM Maybe that's how her hubby got his great tan.

Danger! Ann Coulter on Mobs, Palin and Being Ignored

Jun 25th 2011 12:48PM Many detractors of Ann are jealous because of her good looks, youth, and wit.

Hugh Hefner Lets Crystal Harris Keep 3-Carat Engagement Ring

Jun 21st 2011 12:49PM Hef really has a thing for the younger ladies although he can't do much with them anymore but look and wish he were thirty years younger, at least he still has his money for now.

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk

Jun 19th 2011 10:03AM If Bristol keeps telling herself that she will soon begin to really believe it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Face $200 Million Divorce

May 23rd 2011 2:40PM There must be a reason he was called Schawrzenpecker.

Look Ma! Reagan Daughter Patti Davis Poses Nude (Again) at 58

May 20th 2011 10:10AM An insult to the memory of the Gipper.

Middleton Family Complains About Topless Pippa Pics

May 13th 2011 4:08PM Hear ! Hear !


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