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HS Runner Collapses During Race, Crawls Over Finish Line

Dec 4th 2010 11:08AM Biparun is right. If you look at the video, it is obvious that her legs are the problem, not her heart. I ran cross-country in high school and we were close to collapsing at the end of every race. The lactic acid starts to build up in your muscles and your legs turn to rubber. Everyone at the race knew what was happening and that is why they didn't rush in.
Racing, no matter what kind, is all about keeping the fastest pace possible without running out of fuel. Just as NASCAR drivers sometimes forgo a pitstop and end up running out of fuel 1 lap from the finish, this girl's legs ran out of fuel a little early. She took a gamble when she tried to make a push for second instead of maintain her pace and settling for third. Her body gave out and she ended up losing several places. Sometimes the gamble pays off and sometimes it doesn't.

Shane Mosley, Sergio Mora Fight to Dubious Draw

Sep 19th 2010 10:29AM My in-laws have always been huge boxing fans, and for years we would all pack into my uncle's house to watch all of the major fights. He traveled to every one of Holyfield's fights, always paying top dollar for VIP seats. He even became a manager for two local boxers after he retired.
But in the last 5 years he has completely disowned boxing because of the boring mess it has become. He could put up with the corruption that has always been there, but not the apathy that seems to have taken hold of everyone in the boxing community. From the boxers to the promoters to the judges, no one seems to be truly invested in the sport anymore.
Why is this? Because everyone knows that any effort they put forth would be in vain- boxing's fate has been sealed. No matter what they do, they cannot match the intensity and excitement of MMA. Not only is MMA more exciting to watch, but it is also constantly evolving. Each fighter has a unique style and set of skills that makes every match interesting. No matter how strong or dominate one fighter is for an entire fight, he is always only seconds away from being caught in an unexpected submission move. Unlike boxing, where the later rounds are often spent hugging and leaning on each other, MMA fighters have to fight to the last bell. As far as excitement and action go, even an amateur MMA fight would provide more thrills than the coveted "Mayweather-Pacquiao" fight.
Boxing is a great sport that will still retain a solid fanbase, but in the coming years it will continue to fade into the enormous shadow cast by the unstoppable momentum of MMA.

Our Picks: Top 5 Flea Markets in the Country

Aug 31st 2010 6:19PM The BEST and BIGGEST flea market is in Hillsville, VA this weekend! Every Labor Day weekend 500,000 people take over the entire town. Every field, parking lot and lawn is turned into a vendor spot, and you can find ANYTHING you can imagine. There is also a huge gun show and lots of great food! Come check it out:

The Dangers of Laundry Detergent Overload

Feb 6th 2010 1:24PM Yroarrah, here is a little health lesson for you- Everything around you, including yourself, is covered in germs.! The risk of getting an E. Coli infection from touching dirty underwear or contact with toilets, etc. is miniscule. It sounds like you have been watching too many undercover investigations showing "dirty" bathrooms and "dirty" restaurants. Here is some news for you- THE WORLD IS COVERED IN BACTERIA! Just because it is there, doesn't mean it will make you sick. You are exposed to E. Coli and a host of other "dangerous" bacteria on a regular basis, but it is unable to infect you because our bodies have amazing defense systems. On very rare occasions, those bacteria are able to infect you, but can be treated with antibiotics. Cases requiring hospitalization or causing death are usually the result of a weak immune system, which ironically enough can be caused by obsessively washing your hands. Our bodies need to be exposed to bacteria so that we can naturally build our immunity to them. It is fine to wash your hands after using the restroom or when they are visibly dirty, but after doing laundry? That is unhealthy and borderline OCD.

McDonald's may win in court over teen's charity name, but losing big in court of public opinion

Jan 27th 2010 7:30PM Mcdonalds will win. The only reason she even thought to call it McFest is because of the brand that McDonald's has built around the "Mc" prefix. If McDonald's didn't exist, she wouldn't have named her festival McFest, regardless of her last name.
McDonalds has a responsibility to its shareholders to protect the brand identity. They don't care if she calls her festival "McFest"- but copyrighting it would infringe on their brand. They probably have thousands of McPhrases that they have never used, but are legally protected to ensure that no one uses them in a manner that might lead the public to believe it is endorsed by McDonald's. This is simple business law.

Beyoncé Hired by Terrorist Supporting Gaddafi Family

Jan 6th 2010 4:10PM I agree that it is possible that Beyonce didn't know who was footing the bill. That happens in business sometimes. The true test of her character will come in the next few days. If she has an ounce of self-respect, she will publicly acknowledge the mistake and donate the money to an organization that supports terror victims and their families.

Is anybody changing your mind on American Idol?

May 14th 2009 11:07AM Kris is the most relevant artist. period.The judges all said it at the beginning of the season, but then they got so caught up in Adam's over-the-top act that they took their eye off reality for awhile. Last night reality smacked them in the face, and now they are taking notice again.
Adam is always interesting to watch and he has a great voice, which will lead to success on Broadway, but his style does not translate to radio and cds.
Danny is going to be a successful Christian artist, but will never find mainstream success.
Kris' musical style is exactly what is hot right now. I think it will be a very close finale, but whether he wins the show or not, Kris will be the winner in the long run. My prediction: He will have a #1 hit within months, several more over the next year, and his debut album will go platinum.

UFC 97 Live Blog: Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua

Apr 18th 2009 11:30PM Time for the iceman to put his career on ice.

South Carolina / Nevada GOP Aftermath

Jan 20th 2008 3:19PM Rodney- Before you blast others for not "checking out" the Mormons, please answer this question: Have you ever read anything the LDS church has published or taken the time to listen to their missionaries? It sounds to me like your "checking out" has consisted of reading anti-mormon books and blindly believing every venomous lie your preacher spews about other religions from the pulpit. Attacking other religions is a sign of your own religion's weakness- you aren't strong enough to stand on your own, so you have to tear down others instead. Anyone who has legitimately "checked out" the LDS church, whether they agree with them or not, will tell you that the Mormons are absolutely NOT a cult. As for Mitt Romney, he has promised not to allow his religious leaders to persuade his political decisions. Mike Huckabee has made no such promises. Does that mean that if he is elected, the Southern Baptist Convention will make his decisions for him? Think about how ridiculous that argument is. The Pope didn't run the JFK administration, and neither has any other religious leader in any other administration. So, Rodney, please take your head out of your butt and try to come up with some rational reasons to support your candidate. Just because he fits your narrow definition of a Christian isn't enough reason to elect him President.

Is 2007 the year computers and TVs finally merge?

Jan 6th 2007 9:34AM My wife and I have a media center pc and we have been watching the majority of our tv on our computer for the last 2.5 years. It couldn't be simpler. Free DVR service, extremely user-friendly setup... you can't beat it! And with MC 2005, you can even burn your shows to Dvd. We are running an older version of MC, but I found a way to reformat my shows using Power Producer. So now I can have all of my favorite shows on DVD or my Insignia mp3 player (another great buy that I would recommend over Ipod). I love it! I am not very computer savvy at all, and my wife is even worse, so we would highly recommend a Media Center PC with DVR to anyone who is interested in combining their tv and computer without alot of fuss.


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