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Mariah Carey's Hilarious HSN Appearance

Jul 25th 2011 10:33PM It appears that was Mariahs' attempt at telling the world what a great "mommy to be" she was. Those poor twins will be indebted to her for the rest of their lives!! That's the only reason I can come up with as to why she would go on HSN and talk non stop about her pregnancy instead of pushing her "glamorous staples". Well that and the fact that she IS and has ALWAYS been a DIVA. *eye roll*

Why do people continue to buy FAUX JEWELRY?? Anyone take notice of the price of that CRAP?!?! SMDH as I LMAO.... Seriously, why would you waste your hard earn money on pieces you wouldn't even be able to resell for 50 cents at say, a yard sale?!? Because it's from some "Celeb"?? Please... *eye roll* Celeb or not, DON'T waste your hard earn money on FAUX pieces. You can find the real deal out there if you just take the time out to look!! In some cases you'll pay about the same, other times you'll pay a bit more, depending on the piece of course. I have a beautiful, ever-growing REAL collection to prove it people. :D

At the end of that clip, did I hear her right? Did she say something to the effect of... "why aren't you wearing diamonds everyday"?? She does realize her "pieces" don't contain real diamonds doesn't she??? LOL Oh the stupidity. Sorry Mariah, that you can NOT blame on pregnancy/giving birth. Hey, just saying..... ;D

Motherhood Moments: Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry

May 8th 2011 6:55PM Steve, your words are so true! I know of many women, far to many IMO, who understand where a certain Faux Celeb is coming from due this very issue (I'm sure many of these women here posting know who I'm speaking about). These women tend to buy into this woman's line of b.s. "because they've been there". Well, I've "been there too" but unlike these women, I didn't jump on the bashing my parents bandwagon for the very reason you just posted (not only that, I don't buy her line of b.s. because she has something to gain from it... $$) because as you said, it was up to ME to change and to let it go. Getting an "I'm sorry" helps but it DOESN'T move you past your childhood issues. It NEVER WILL!!!

It's a CHOICE you make... PERIOD!!!! If you're into feeling sorry for yourself, having others feel sorry for you, then of course, holding onto your childhood issues serves you well. At some point, you have to stop blaming your mom/parents and do the work to make the change. If you don't, that only tells me and others that what you're really looking for is that pity and sympathy. If that's what you want, that's fine but at that point, you can't continue to blame your parents. Also another thing to keep in mind. Should you continue to hold onto it for said reasons, you WILL pass this on to your children in some form or another. Children are not stupid. Either you'll repeat your parents ways or they'll catch onto what you're doing. Case in point.....

I have a sister in law who uses her childhood as an excuse for her bad behavior, for her biting words, for every wrong she does towards another. Her 17 yr old daughter asked her father "Why do you stay with mom when she treats you so badly". His answer? "Because she's had a really horrible childhood and I can't leave her to be alone". My niece, with all of her 17 yrs of wisdom said... "Dad, she CHOOSES to hold onto her childhood past because it gets her what she wants. It gets you to stay with her, it gets her pity and sympathy from those she tells her story to". You know, my niece is right. If my 17 yr old niece was able to figure this out, why can't grown women?!

As I said, I too had my own childhood issues, mainly with my dad. I could've went through the rest of my life holding onto them but I CHOSE NOT TO for not only my sake but for the sake of my husband and son. I don't know 1 person (no matter the gender) who hasn't had some type of childhood issue. I believe we all have because people are not perfect (those people I speak of include your parents!) but at the end of the day, it's truly up to YOU to make the changes. If therapy is what you need, go get it, (just don't do it on TV because therpay wasn't meant to be done that way), if it takes talking to your mom/parent, do it, if it takes writing it all down and burning it, do it. Whatever the process is, do it. If you chose not to do anything but whine about it then you only have yourself to blame IMO!!!

Snapped: Kerry Washington at the Time 100 Gala

Apr 30th 2011 5:58PM I love the dress. I love the ring but the two of them together is a bit much imo.

I think it would have been a much cleaner look if her dress had been a solid color. It would have looked good with even two colors as well. Wearing a big and bold ring that has that many colors of stones within it just over powers the dress. Sometimes, less is more.

I'm wondering if those stones are real. I love me some gemstones and it is beautiful. Wish they had given more info on both the dress and ring.

I do agree. Kerry always looks beautiful. Her eyes just pop! From the interviews I've seen her in, she seems to be really grounded!! We need more like her out here in Hollyweird, that's for certain. ;)

Morphine Lip Balm: Pucker Up to a Numbing Kiss

Apr 29th 2011 2:39AM Everyone has made great points here but your post made me LMAO!!! Thanks for the chuckle....

If this chit sells, I'm gonna start coming up with INSANE product ideas!! I thought the Skinny Girl Margarita was a crazy one (tho it did bring in some great cash for the brains behind it, lol). What's shocking to me is? People pay $8 and up for one bottle. (I've heard good and bad reviews from die hard fans) I've often wondered if they've realized they could make the same thing at home (without the bottle and face attached of course) for just a few bucks more?? You'll actually get more bang for your buck but I guess if you're a fan of hers, you'll buy whatever she pushes. Now that chit, I just don't get but hey, that's just me.... :)

Patricia Kluge: Billionaire's Ex-Wife Faces Foreclosure

Jan 25th 2011 3:40PM Yes JLS, she did lose all of her cash and belongs due to her bad business choices however, if you let the right-wingers tell the "story", it's all the Presidents fault. LOL I just love how they can take a story such as this and then turn into a b*tch feast about someone who had NO HAND in her decision making?? I get such a chuckle from it. Thanks guys. Thanks for my chuckle of the day. (Yep, still LMAO) One thing I know for certain... I can ALWAYS count on you guys!! :D

BTW, What a jewelry collection!! I'm envious of the lady who now owns the Yellow Diamond pieces. Now I wouldn't pay that kind of money, even if I were rich but hey, to each her own... right? ;D

Mean Girls In Trouble for Cyberstalking Teen on Fake Facebook Page

Jan 19th 2011 4:51PM Good for you Melody! It's great to know there are parents out there who are actually doing their job!! I'm a mother too so I know where you're coming from. I was raised by a no nonsense type of mother, not a mother trying to be my friend. When I had my child, I decided to raise him the same way. Today, my mom and I still have a very close relationship as mother and daughter but... we are also friends to one another. I can tell my mom anything and I do mean... anything!! :D We have the best of both worlds which of course, I love!!

As far as these two teens go.... I hope they throw the book at them. Going off of what another poster said, if they just slap them on the wrist, no lesson will have been learned and it will also tell other teens that this type of behavior is acceptable. I'm thankful that the girl who was the target of these two didn't hurt herself, like we've seen other kids do in the past. She so easily could have gone that route.

To all the parents out there..... Be Parents!! When your kids grow up, that's when you can become their friends. Your kids only have one childhood so please, get it right!!

Compare and Contrast: Snuggie vs. Slanket in a Battle of the Wearable Blankets

Jan 15th 2011 7:04PM Elaine, could you possibly be anymore OFFENSIVE?!?! My guess is... YES!! What does someone's mental disability have to do with this discussion? Now that you've put down a group of people, do you feel better about yourself?? Again, my guess would be.... YES!! I hope you don't have children Elaine. As we all know, children learn from their parents. Enough said.....

Compare and Contrast: Snuggie vs. Slanket in a Battle of the Wearable Blankets

Jan 15th 2011 6:35PM Ok Carol. This is my 3 post about this item (you would think I was making some sort of commission but I'm not, lol). No, I'm not talking about the Snuggie or Slanket. I'm talking about the...... Forever Lazy. You said you needed something that will keep you warm all the way around right? Well, the Forever Lazy is ideal for you then. Not only are you completely covered, it also has a hoodie!! As I posted earlier, I love everything about this item but one of it's features really got me which was, when you go potty, you don't have to take it off. All you have to do is unzip!! :D

While my terry cloth robe keeps me nice and warm, it's just far to heavy and long so everytime I have to use the potty, it has to come off which of course, leaves me shivering. With the Forever Lazy, that's just not the case!! Trust me, you'll love it but if for some reason you don't, you can always send it back. When home, I live in mine. I'm definately going to get my moneys worth, that's for sure!! I hope you find what your looking for. Best wishes to you and yours......

I plan on buying a few more

Compare and Contrast: Snuggie vs. Slanket in a Battle of the Wearable Blankets

Jan 15th 2011 6:12PM Sandi, I have one of those robes from Victoria's Secret too. It was a X-mas gift from hubby a few yrs back. Even though I love it, (he had it monogrammed), this yrs gift was even better. As I posted in reply to another poster, this yr, I got a Forever Lazy. Ahhh, that Forever Lazy is so warm, comfty and continues to keep me warm when I have to use the potty, unlike the V.S. robe. Because the robe is to heavy and to long, I have to take it off in order to use the potty which of course, leaves me shivering however, the Forever Lazy, it's a perfect fit all the way around!! :D You might want to check them out. At first glance, they don't look like they're going to keep you warm but once on, it's another story.

BTW, Loving the playful banter. You and your husband are to funny!! Best wishes to you and yours.....

Compare and Contrast: Snuggie vs. Slanket in a Battle of the Wearable Blankets

Jan 15th 2011 5:49PM Debra, you beat me to the punch. ;) Hubby bought my sister and I one this yr for X-mas and we LOVE THEM!!! Even though I'm a "shortie", lol, the fit was perfect!!

Ladies, you can't go wrong with the Forever Lazy. Ours came with a pillow and a pair of comfty socks. The material used is SO soft. I love every aspect of this item but what really got me was the opening for your tushy. LOL Instead of having to take the entire piece off, all you have to do is unzip!! :D They're so warm that you don't even have to wear anything underneath them. That was a huge plus for me. So ladies, give them a look see. Try them out. The worst that can happen is... you won't like them. Should that happen, you can always get your money back. In our case, he got free shipping to and from so the offer truly was a 100% money back guarantee!!! :D


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