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Jack Tatum Dies of Heart Attack

Jul 27th 2010 11:53PM Them's the breaks, it's true.Down under, an Aussie told me what a sissy's game American Football was, compared to Rugby.
Admittedly, Rugby looks like that many guys on a gridiron, making like a train wreck - unorganized mayhem.It - like Crickett, seems to have no rules.At least football is organized mayhem.On the other hand, John Madden was right; "With pro football, you have to be smart enough to know the game, and dumb enough to imagine that the score really makes a difference".
RIP, J. T.You were a hell of an entertainer.Sparky

Are You a 99er? Unemployment Benefits Are Over, What to Do?

Jul 8th 2010 6:54AM Yes; unemployment checks seem logical at first glance.
Over-done, however - don't they reek of "enabling"?
I don't want to mention Rush Limbaugh.
To do so should completely blot out what I'm saying, here.
You unemployed - - looky, here.
I think the huge majority of you think you are intelligent.
I think you think you work hard.
I think you think you are experienced, and talented.
Well listen carefully.
Think about your "long suit" - your talents.
Run an ad in the paper that says;
"Unemployed teacher of 25 years
Ready to help your borderline teenager
Jump his/her grades from C's - to A's.
Phone me at ( ) xxx xxxx.
Make me prove my worth to you".
I'll tell you what.
I'd answer that ad myself, if I were 144 years younger.
And if I had borderline teenagers in my home.

Is Bravo to Blame for Kelsey and Camille's Divorce?

Jul 7th 2010 6:01PM Poor Kelsey, and Poor Tiger, and on and on. Who the hell really cares? The weak mentalities belong to those who express such concern. Perspective, anyone? Give me a break.

The 4 Best Beauty Foods

Jun 22nd 2010 3:32AM I love oysters, sardines, fish in general; yogurt, dark chocolate, and girls of all make and model.
That notwithstanding, I still gobble a few vitamin pills.
I even eat dandelion leaves, occasionally - so, there.
Just so you know, I love turnips; most all vegetables.
But that doesn't stop me from scarfing up on beef.
Pork, bacon, chicken, nothing escapes my gullet.
When I was drinking - I drank a world-class variety of booze-beverages.
After I quit drinking "the sauce", Shenley's of Peoria went out of business.
That was years ago - after I got off of the sauce.
Smoked 400,000 cigarettes; (not recommended).
I've survived pulmonary tuberculosis, malaria, dengue fever, three known bouts of pneumonia, a prostate resection, one tumor from behind my nose, psoriasis, a few broken bones, cataract removal, and more.
Oh; and besides that, I've survived life in the U. S., governed by the Democrats, and they have no idea what goes on in the real world, as we all know.
I figure, oh - what the hell.
I'm always open for ideas that purport to make my life one that's better - and longer-lived.
Though I don't know why I should want to live longer.
That just means you'll spend more time in a wheel chair in a "rest home".
Let me know if you really find work.
I hate work.
It's just another 4-letter word, in my book.
I'm 84 years old, shooting for 115, as long as I can walk the golf course once a week, minimum.
I still like girls, and they like me.

How to Successfully Shop a Yard Sale (and What to Avoid)

Jun 20th 2010 9:51AM Cheez!
I was hoping the message would never get out.
In reverse, BIG GOVERNMENT has been doing the yard sale-ing in reverse since the Roosevelt administration, and that's the main reason Knucklehead Sam is now bankrupt.
Yes, being on both ends of the yard sale gig is great.
It used to be not-so-great because you could use tax deductibility to your advantage.
Not so much, any more.
Your CPA will tell you that if you want to pay 50 cents for that like-new novel that some ass paid $24.95 for - and donate it to your library, you had better be in possession of a receipt for a legitimate purchse price.
Well, anyway (again) - groping your way through someone else's junk is great fun, though now and again, you should play the "heads-up" thing to the max.
I bought a few rare personal items years ago from an older middle-age couple who - both them and they appeared to be all sorts of mid-America - only to be told by an outsider, the next day, that those were their only son's personal articles, and that he had just now - died of the dreaded "a--s".
(The (oftentimes identified as) boy-to-boy disease which a certain group got it legalized that it is not a sexually transmitted disease.)
Anyway, I checked back with the sellers, and they were pretty straight-up about the whole thing - yes - that was true, but they were sure I couldn't catch anything from my ill-gotten-jewels.
So the moral of this story is whatever you make of it.

Car donation charities under investigation

Jun 19th 2010 5:41AM I don't know what to tell you about donating cars to charity.
Sell your car to anyone for whatever you can get.
Take the cash - donate it to a recognized charity.
Why mess with the middle man?
What're you - weak minded?
This is why we need COSTLY ATTORNEYS.
We need them to handle our stupidity.
Cuomo, for instance.
Alan Dershowitz is different.
I like Alan.
He tells us about the 638 - "Ten Commandments".
So 638 equals 10.
Economy at its apex of user-friendly.
Thanx for reading.

Shaky Ground

Jun 16th 2010 3:51AM Well, gang - hold on, here.
You accompllishing nothing by dissing each other.
Ditto as to sports.
I love soccer, although I don't understand what it's all about.
Second only to Rugby, it's the world's most incomprehensible game.
No, wait; Cricket is the MOST INCOMPREHENSIBLE GAME.
In fact, I was in Australia years ago on a paid - "work" trip.
I asked several guys if they would explain cricket to me.
Each (in this crowd of bucko's) came up only with blank stares.
We 2 dudes in my work crew (accompanied by our wives) - breakfasted in a hotel.
Dittoing our repast in booths next to us, were a touring soccer group.
Muscles up to here - dashing about in their game skivvies, etc.
Full of good cheer and rowdies, at the same time.
No - I'm getting way off track.
This blogging channel is getting all bloggered up.
You don't have to curse each other.
You don't need to curse any type of sport.
Don't forget: WE HIRE A PRESIDENT IN THE U. S. to receive all of our ire.
He doesn't understand that when he hires on.
He thinks he's about to climb Mt. Tittycockka and achieve his professional goal.
As Americans, it's our ultimate goal.
As to why our present President isn't bedding all of the nannies in D. C. - I don't know.
That pretty much goes with the territory.
Of course, our present guy (think "dart board") has an athletic-appearing Missus.
I bet she could slam his ass in the square ring.
Keep watching this channel for further news.

A Guide to Reading Flirting Body Language for Guys

Jun 12th 2010 4:35AM Well - I'm too danged old to learn anything, so you may disregard what follows. I've always used an absolutely perfect way to discern what a woman's body language is telling you; (well - telling me, actually). To ask a lady to have sex with you is the tops in civility, and that will get you what you're after, perhaps 1% of the time. No, wait; I guess that was 180 degrees out of phase. Let's say 99% of the time. The infamous Chico Marx may have had the more accurate answer when someone pointed out to him that he was well known for simply asking "the lady" if she would have sex with him. First, he was asked; "Doesn't that get your face slapped a lot of the time"? "Yes", he responded - "but that also gets me a hell of a lot of sex". Continuing right along - smile - be civil - walk up to the lady - and ask her how she got to be so beautiful. Works every time. Yes? Not necessarily. Keep on trying, jughead.

Dennis Hopper's Divorce-Torn Daughter Missed Funeral

Jun 8th 2010 1:06PM I'm with you.
I've hated graveside services - well - forever, I guess.
In a church setting - not a problem.
Particularly if it's some old fool.
I'm already in that category, myself.
Don't have a particular opinion about "the hereafter".
Whatever you or anyone wants to believe - fine with me.

I've always insisted that my kids and grandkids deal with the matter of little people attending funerals as - well - truly their own decision, but to be reminded that funerals can be pretty unsettling for many people.

Have fun.

That's what life should be all about.

the Sparky person.

Dennis Hopper's Divorce-Torn Daughter Missed Funeral

Jun 8th 2010 12:28PM Well, here we are with divergent views. It's the American way, don't you agree? I have some serious advantages over Hopper. I'm a hell of a lot older than he was wshen he croaked. When I tell a lady that I can't get her pregnant, she smiles. Then we enjoy each other. Call me a "dirty old man"? How about the "dirty old girl"? No; I make no effort to be nasty. Life is too short for that. I encountered my first lady friend when I was 4 years old, and she - an aspiring investigator of 7. Talk about experienced. I'll tell you what - - I enjoyed every second of it, and I never looked back. Look, ladies; if you don't enjoy sex, get out of the way and let the rest of us enjoy.


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