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Home Ec: How to Remove Dye-Based Stains

May 26th 2010 9:40PM The active ingredient in hairspray that makes ink come out is rubbing alcohol. Don't wet it first. Just stretch it over a glass and pour the alcohol through the stain. It will disappear. And it won't be sticky.

Is This 'Single Ladies' Video Too Hot for Tots?

May 13th 2010 8:44PM The families at my daughter's dance studio have no say in the costumes or music the girls dance to. We don't see the costumes until a month before recital. If the music or costumes chosen are deemed inappropriate, all you can do is voice an opinion and hope it changes the following year. This has happened and we have seen a positive change in the costume and music choices. You could take your daughter out of the show, but after she has worked so hard all year, that is a difficult choice.

More on Gena Rowlands' 'NCIS' Episode

Feb 15th 2010 7:06PM I have Comcast. I can record one and watch the other. I use a DVR.

My Bra? Color Me Furious

Jan 12th 2010 9:32AM Everyone is concentrating on the color post. No one mentions the email we got telling us to do it. It ended with, "And don't forget to do your breast self-exam". That's the awareness that was spread. Everything is pink because the Susan B. Komen Foundation evidently has a magnificent PR machine that has raised awareness. I agree that it should be all cancers, but instead of complaining, why don't you get out there and raise awareness for the disease that is closest to your heart?

Is Miley Cyrus Too Young for 'Sex'?

Oct 22nd 2009 12:36AM I could see if they had her doing something "racy". The point of the scene is to show that Samantha is wearing a dress that a teen is wearing. Samantha would never want to be compared to Hannah Montana. Sheesh.

We Try It -- Smooth Away

Jul 8th 2009 8:14PM I haven't used it on my face, but I used smooth away on my legs and found it to work well. The hair also took a long time to grow back. If you follow the directions, they say to not rub too long in one place....

The new American way: Be a deadbeat

Feb 3rd 2008 11:26PM The banks WANTS you to live in the house while they are going through the process. The house is ived in, taken care of, and thereis someone there to work with the reator if they are going for a short sale. Not everyone has the choice to pay or not. I was left with a 5 month old, no job (it was summer, and since we had a new baby, I wasn't supposed to work the summer) and a house that was bought 9 months before my husband left. I worked with the mortgage company to see the house in short sale, so they would get the most money for the house. I didn't run, I wasn't a deadbeat. I took care of the house, kept the utilities on. I called all of my creditors and worked out payment plans. I just couldn't pay for the house because my money source didn't exist. Not everyone that doesn't pay their bills is a deadbeat. They are just in a bad position.

Junie B. Jones and the case for spelling, grammar

Aug 1st 2007 2:58PM My daughter has all of Junie B.'s books, and I read them myself. I am a special ed. teacher and find nothing wrong with these books. My daughter started these books by me reading to her each night because she was too young to read. As she got older and was able to read, the misspellings in the books were not a detriment to her, and she was able to tell which words were wrong. We also had many conversations about how Junie handles things and what would have been a better way. If these parents have a problem with these books, then they don't have to buy them. No one banned e.e. cummings poems because he didn't use punctuation and capitaization rules. Why would we ban these books?

As Seen on 'Oprah': Gotta Have My Spanx

Mar 6th 2007 9:56PM I had to wear a spanx for a show I did on TLC (and no, I'm NOT a model...I am a size 12/14 with lots of bulges) The stylist put me in a medium and it was very uncomfortable... I think If he had let me wear the large I would have been more comfortable. It was like climbing into too tight clothes. Remember, the bulges have to go somewhere... so they either go up or down!! I had two sets of breasts!! mine, and the roll that got pushed up!!! If they weren't so expensive, I might go out and buy a few to try again... maybe my old clothes would fit again!!!

Ready for Girl Scout cookie season?

Jan 19th 2007 5:14PM I am a current leader,and my council is currently selling. GSUSA recommends NO door to door sales. There is also no selling allowed over the internet. Standing outside selling from a table is called a"booth sale". It is how many troops make most of their sales. GSUSA is now taking an average of the number of girls selling and how many boxes to determine each troop's profits. The troops no longer get a set $0.75 a box (or whatever it was for your council) As for the new cookies, Lemonades are basically Lemon Thanks-A-Lots. The TALs are good, but I thought the Lemonades were overly sweet. For those of you who don't like GS cookies but want to help out the girls, ask the troop leader if any troop is collecting boxes to send overseas. Many Service Units will take donations of cookies to send to the troops in Iraq. I know our Service Unit sent over 500 boxes last year. Some girls work very hard to sell, others don't sell any. But in this day and age where many people are afraid to answer their doors, it makes it very discouraging to the girls.


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