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Learn a Language, Earn a Passport to Savings -- Savings Experiment

Mar 6th 2011 2:33AM It's not about learning a new language. That part is easy. It is about conversing with someone who speaks the native tongue you have learned. ie... I tell my Spanish waiter I want a xxxx.
Then he says,,,,nfjchrenruoaehefdn kxeucvb.....No rapido,Dispacia...ok// See.I cannot converse becuause they speak so quickly that I cannot understand it.

Packers vs. Eagles: James Starks Shines as Michael Vick's Rally Falls Short

Jan 9th 2011 9:29PM Excuse me if I may seem a bit of an accuser.But I have a problem watching a game with Vick . If I had any say-so in the matter Vick would be kicked out of the league long ago. Participating in the most cruel of "sports" and covering up his cruelty by covering the "evidence." He shocked dogs with electricity and drowned some .How can an animal like Vick act as though nothing had happened?

25 most dangerous neighborhoods 2010

Oct 4th 2010 6:14PM Kim,,,Careful. Work From Home is a scam. First you have to "Join" at 25.00, Then another 25.00 to hear a recording that is so difficult to understand you just give up listening. Then trying to get your money back is next to impossible.

Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb Good Friends Forever Intertwined

Sep 30th 2010 6:22PM Boycott every game this Skum plays

Glenn Beck Rally Raises Questions

Aug 27th 2010 9:32PM I wish I could make it.

Gosselin Kids Earn More Than Jon on 'Plus Eight'

Jun 16th 2010 7:07PM it's a hoax. It adds an additional stunt to impress their audiencs.
Just wait and see.The'll be back to together and will continue the show as usual. It's all a put-on. A carefully devised trick . I don't buy it.

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 6:30PM A person in the Amazon jungle at night and unprotected can literaly be eaten alive by mosquitos.

Learn a Language, Earn a Passport to Savings -- Savings Experiment

Jun 3rd 2010 3:47PM Learning a newa language is not that diffficult.I know a lot of Spanish from a good friend.But trying to inderstand someone that is speaking to you is difficult. Dispasia ! Por Pavor..No Rapido,,, :-))

A Day in the Life of a FedEx Driver

Jun 1st 2010 4:02PM I don't know how they do it. Constantly driving and delivering all day. and having to put up with heavy traffic and complainig customers.A UPS driver and FEDX are paid very well though.

Boy, 14, Allegedly Tattooed Against His Will By Bullies

May 25th 2010 2:38PM I hope these rats are victimised by a gang of like thugs and killed or maimed for life. This is a prime example of the gutless morons that are going to school now a days. Of course they are only going to do this to someone because they cannot defend themselves. I do hope the parents of htis child sue both their parents(if they have any) and the school too. These rats aren;t going to pay for their crime.


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