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T. Burniston

T. Burniston

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Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister

Jul 27th 2012 12:34PM This is a terrible tragedy but the responsibility lies with the young woman who got drunk and slid down the bannister. I hope the courts see that and let the hotel off the hook.

98-Year-Old's Birthday Surprise: Eviction Notice From Her Son

Feb 17th 2012 11:44PM Boy, he's all heart, isn't he?

Former Miss Venezuela Eva Ekvall, 28, loses battle with breast cancer

Dec 19th 2011 5:51PM I don't think your comment was out of line. I thought the same thing. If that is the case, I hope women everywhere give a long hard thought about breast augmentation. This is most heartbreaking. My prayers to her family.

Pregnant Man Sheds Baby Weight, Shows Off New Bod

Jul 29th 2011 12:42AM That is not a man -- it's an 'altered' woman. Period! She has all the inner workings to carry a child to term. I don't care what they do to their exterior. She is still a woman!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bonds With Secret Son

Jul 7th 2011 12:26PM A respectable politician??? Are you kidding me? There ain't no such thing!

Shirtless Justin Bieber Shows Off New Religious Ink

Jun 15th 2011 11:04PM The Old Testament speaks out against tattoos. I think they look terrible myself.

Is Jennifer Aniston the 'Other Woman' Now?

Jun 15th 2011 12:11AM For better or worse but not for keeps. That's Hollywood for you. (And a lot of others as well.) Pity!

Teacher Says She Doesn't Regret Punching Student in Face

Jun 9th 2011 11:32AM It's the student who should not be allowed back in the school. Teachers all over the country are putting up with abuse like that. My son is a teacher and you wouldn't believe the horror stories he tells about some of these monster kids. It's long overdue for teachers to ban together and file charges of TEACHER ABUSE! These brats have gotten away with sruff for too long.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins in First Month of Pregnancy Can Reduce Autism Risk, Study Finds

May 26th 2011 7:56PM Pre-natal vitamins are beneficial but the lack of them does NOT cause autism. It's the toxic vaccines they're poking into our kids. For centuries man has survived without vaccines and how many kids were autistic??? Do your research, folks. This is a huge cover up!!!

Jesse James Can't Stop Talking About 'Pretend' Life With Sandra Bullock

May 20th 2011 12:12AM He is so low you would have to step in a hole to step over him. He's the epitome of trash!


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