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Winter Trends in Makeup to Keep You Looking Hot in the Cold

Dec 21st 2010 9:14PM Why should someone pay over $10 for mascara? Isn't it all the same?

Beyonce Gives Jay-Z the World's Most Expensive Car

Dec 10th 2010 1:20AM How many things do you need vs. want? Couldn't she have thought of the others who are scrambling to be rappers like JayZ?

Best and worst places to buy your next pair of glasses

Nov 2nd 2010 9:16PM So, name the city where your Costco is. Not all are the same.

Talk to 'Crush' During Dinner on the Disney Dream

Oct 30th 2010 7:06PM What's the menu? Do you have to pay more in any of the dining rooms?

New York Senator's Home-Sale Challenge

Oct 30th 2010 6:56PM Is there no winter in New York state?

Tommie Smith, Olympian in '68 Black Power Salute, to Sell Gold Medal

Oct 14th 2010 4:34PM No one is ever an ex or former Olympian; you're an Olympian forever. How could you be an ex? You accomplished an amazing feat.

Free answers to tech problems from HP experts on Sept 28

Sep 28th 2010 6:13PM Last year, I bought an HP printer; in assembing it, it didn't work; so my computer guy and I called HP and they hemmed and hawed; said it should work; told the guy he was lying; he asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the supervisors are busy; HP asked for a receipt; I faxed it to them many times; at first, they send they didn't receive it; and then it didn't have the date on it to put it under warranty; after 3-4 weeks of haggling, they said to send it back and we did. They then sent another one which works well; but all that hassle wasn't needed. And this is the private sector which so many people taut as better than the government.

Oh, yes, to get things moving, I finally went to and went to advanced search and put in Hewlett Packard and up came some of their attorneys' names; so I wrote one and told her what was going on. That moved the process. Always go to the legal department and in the subject lines put Corporate Malfeasance which this is.

Is Frank Sinatra A Real Estate Draw?

Sep 23rd 2010 6:44PM Nothing of Sinatra's will ever be dated. Thank you, Frank, for it all. It's still your world and we live in it.

Matt Leinart Released by Cardinals

Sep 4th 2010 8:16PM Now Leinart has time to be with his son in California. Isn't that a priority?

Companies that sold fake health plan to uninsured pregnant women to make refunds

Aug 6th 2010 5:30PM As long as we don't have universal health insurance, we will have these health scammers offering "insurance." Health care is a right and a responsibility. It's a public good.


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