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DIY Product Pick: The Wovel

Feb 13th 2010 11:25AM Lita, just a tad cynical aren't you? Isn't it the American Dream that if you "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door"? Here some people studied the physics of leverage and build a better shovel. If an article on that isn't topical during one of the biggest snow storms in history, I don't know when it would be.

DIY Product Pick: The Wovel

Feb 11th 2010 6:51PM bnmrcr, at the end of a swath, you push down and to the side on the Wovel handle and it throws the snow to the side. It takes a few minutes practice to get it at first, but it's pretty natural after a few minutes.

DIY Product Pick: The Wovel

Feb 11th 2010 6:48PM I'm always amazed that people who no nothing about a subject are always the first to comment. I have actually used a Wovel for several years in Massachusetts (where we get lots of snow) and it's fantastic!

It work MUCH better than a shovel and takes a lot less effort. It is wider than a shovel and can clear more in one swath than a normal shovel. Finally, because of the clever leverage you have with a Wovel, you can clear heavier snow than you could by pushing a normal shovel.

Who Did Tomlinson Root for in AFC Championship?

Jan 24th 2007 4:52PM It is unfortunate how little some of the posters know. The Chargers DID talk TONS of smack when they beat the Patriots at Foxboro last year, saying "We just wupped your A$$", etc. So, it's silly for them to complain when the Patriots do a lot less.

Regarding the Miami game, Tom Brady said he was NOT worried about them taking his was the reporters who whipped it up into a big deal. I will root for the Colts!


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