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Where Living in a Dumpster Gets a Whole New Meaning

Aug 11th 2013 8:39AM This guy has way too much time on his hands. For the effort he put into this, he could have rehabbed a nice apartment. Living in a dumpster? No thanks.

Robert Swift, Ex-Seattle SuperSonics Star, Refuses to Leave His Foreclosed Home

Feb 25th 2013 4:51PM So this arrogant jerk not only let the home go into foreclosure, but he also trashed it. Seriously, whether he earned $11 million or $20 million, he could have easily paid cash for this house. Sounds like he blew his money on partying -- no one should feel sorry for him.

After Backlash, Man Evicting 98-Year-Old Mother Relents

Mar 3rd 2012 5:27AM As long as she is able to take care of herself, the son needs to back off. However, there are times when an elderly parent THINKS they can take care of themselves, and cannot. Don't completely judge this guy until you walk in his shoes and care for an elderly parent --- I have been there, done that.

Tim Tebow Named Most Desirable Neighbor for 2012

Dec 28th 2011 4:02PM Would have no problem with this man as my next-door neighbor. Tebow seems like a very nice young man. As a football player, however, he has a long way to go.

'Night School 4 Girls' is Vegas's newest learning vacation

Oct 23rd 2011 8:24AM Are men allowed in to watch the classes? Please?

Snake Hitches a Ride

Aug 6th 2011 9:34AM Geez, some of you people are unreal! It's a snake, not a puppy. How are the passengers supposed to know whether it's poisonous or not? What did you want them to do, bring it in the car and keep it as a pet? Get a grip....I promise if you, if that thing crawled out of my engine, I would do what I had to do to get it off my car and away from me and my passengers!

Vintage Video Break: The 30's Approach to Washing Dishes

Jun 10th 2011 6:14AM Eh, at the end of the day, you washed dishes by hand in '37......and some people still do.....not a whole hell of a lot has changed, other than we have had automatic dishwashers for many years...

Detroit's Urban Farms: Budget Battles and Milking Goats

Jun 10th 2011 4:45AM I guess it was too much to expect this was a southern state.....once they are satisfied the teen girls aren't going to have an abortion, they kick them to the curb....

How Can I Get My Child to Sleep in His Own Bed?

Jun 9th 2011 4:47AM Letting your children sleep with you becomes a pattern you cannot escape. I don't care if you are a single parent or married; wanting your children to sleep in your bed with you is not normal. I have to believe at some level you (as the parent) are feeling guilty for something, perhaps working full-time and not spending enough time with them, or acting out some other personal issues. Your children need to learn independence and that's it's OK to be alone -- coddling them is not the answer.

Guess What Color Saved This Bedroom?

May 16th 2011 5:53PM Ugh -- I will agree the original room was dull, but that paint orang/red color is not flattering. The bedspread looks like something they found in their grandmother's attic.


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