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F. Townsend

F. Townsend

Member Since Jan 25th, 2007

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The Most Irritating Phrases in the English Language

Nov 14th 2008 2:07PM People who start every sentence with " well." As in' well I think ' You hear this a lot on news interview programs. I ts too fawning when I hear it I know this person is sucking up.

Using Vinegar for Laundry

Aug 3rd 2007 2:06PM I use white distilled vinegar as a weed killer. It seems to be as effective as the commercial products without the toxicity. Putting a couple of tablespoons of salt in a gallon of vinegar seems to make the effect last longer. However I'm now reluctant to use distilled vinegar on my salads.

Psychic Gets Busted

Jan 25th 2007 9:34PM My intuition tells me shes a fake.


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