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Common Craze at The White House

May 11th 2011 8:38PM Obama has divided the nation. There are the follwoers that think he can do no wrong. Those on the dole. He has suceeded in making America a 2nd rate nation and is rapidly removing the freedons that made this country great in the past.

Roseanne Barr's Nutty New Book

Jan 7th 2011 8:35AM Who the hell cares what Rosanne thinks. She has joined her family on the nut farm it seems.

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 6:42AM She is probably the most improved of any contestant ever. Politics, I dont think so. Improveemt, absolutely. As far as politics, seems I remember someone called Mr. Pee. He could hardly seand tere anc souldnt walk a straight line. The judges gave him vrey low scores and he stayed in the running fr a long tiem ande even the judges said they didnt understand. That turned manuy against the show..
Someone said wake up Ameriec, Honey, I think most of them did a week or so ago

Jon Stewart Critiques President Obama in 'Daily Show' Interview (VIDEO)

Oct 28th 2010 8:24AM God, Obama is dumber than I thought. No wonder wh are becoming the laughing stock of the world.

Traffic Moving Again in Beijing

Aug 26th 2010 8:11AM Ha Ha. Greenville SC isnt unique. I traveled up north for many years and it is no different there, in fact it is much worse. Try visiting around Washington or Baltimore. or anu large city. When I lived in Greenville, I found the rtaffic to be light compared to other cities. The truth is the interstate system runs from the center of city to city. They build an entrance and exit ramp every few hundred feet it seems. That is what the problem is. instead of having one major entrance and one major exit to the cities, they build dozens of them and that asks for the commuters to use them.

The 'Today Show' Team Enjoys a Gaffetastic Morning (VIDEO)

Aug 21st 2010 8:45AM Ha Ha, Thanks NBC for being an equal opportunity employer. That's why some need teleprompters,

Big Fish

Aug 15th 2010 8:36AM This is the same mentality that goes out and kills deer, rabbits, birds. etc. They are modern day neanderthals with a sick mentality.

'Angry' Mia Michaels Says Claims of 'Dance' Racism Are Ridiculous

Aug 11th 2010 9:21AM Qoq Cindy, You are a head case. When were you a slave? Grow up.

10 Worst Places to Live

Aug 9th 2010 8:25AM Go to Mexico and get stopped without papers and see what happens. In fact, go to any European country and don't have a passport and you get to see a different part of town. The Arizona law isn't discriminatory. Several here have said so so they continue to perpetuate the lies coming from the Dimocratic party and the corrupt federal government we now have.

Charlie Sheen to Earn Nearly $2 Million Per Episode

Jul 26th 2010 7:27AM the writers are the ones who should get a raise, Not Sheen. I have only watched it a time or two and found it to be brainless and boring. However, I read that 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' was a big hit also and I found that one to be a hugh waste of electrons.


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