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The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 11:28PM Who taught you how to talk, write, or spell? Your comments were not too bright and uncalled for. Who ever gave you advice on the topic at hand was very misinformed. Go back to school and learn correct grammar and spelling.

Hijack scare blamed on TSA screwup at Florida airport

Nov 9th 2009 9:15PM As a former TSA employee, it is not fair on how they do things. They threw a recertification exam on us after the first year that they were organized, without warning, and when you did not pass, they only allowed you one time to re-take the test, with little to no prior training, and when you failed, they fired you. No explanation other than we're sorry. I gave the Fed Gov 21 years, and in my 21st year of service, I was removed from the system. I tried to fight my case, and was told my case wasn't good enough for reconsideration. This took place in 2003. I and others were let go, and now when all of airports are failing, the TSA employees are being retrained with full-time pay. And better yet, you no longer need to be recertified every year. No more testing for recertification!! Ain't that a blank! Please, don't take your best or designer luggage to the airport, you won't recognize it when you get it back.

Work From Home: 7 Companies Hiring Now

Mar 23rd 2009 12:54PM I am new to this site, as far as making comments; But, if anyone is interested in working from home, I have a few suggestions of places to visit to where you can start with little to no start up cost. Please email me at for more information. - Denise

Harry Connick Jr. and Regina King in 'Living Proof'

Oct 16th 2008 1:27PM I am a blessed 9 year breast cancer survivor, twice over. I was diagnosied in 1999 and had a Lumpectomy, with 4 rounds of strong kemo and 33 rounds of radiation;second time, I had a mastsectomy in the same area of the first diagnoses (left breast); but this time no treatment needed, it was a clean sweep. I along with you support breast cancer research and participate in the walks. Continue to pray for a cure and all families and patients who are affected by this serious disease. - Denise Crawford, Baltimore, MD

SMOKEY ROBINSON: Having A 'Dreamgirls' Nightmare

Feb 4th 2007 9:45PM First of all, I did enjoy the movie & I thought Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy did a fine job. If anyone remembers the original play, it was not based on the story of Motown or the Supremes. This story is about a young man who wrote music and decided to start a singing group like the supremes by using his sister and two of her friends who lived in Chicago, not Detroit. But of course, when you see three females looking and sounding like the Supremes, all you can see is a replica of the most famous black female group known world over. Maybe we need to see the original play again and hear the views of the original cast members.


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