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How to clean vinyl siding

Oct 31st 2007 12:28AM I think this should be call DIY for idiots. How else would you clean your siding? Either power washer, or hose and buckets. Flip a coin. I came here because it said "easier" way to clean vinyl siding. I just wasted 10 mins of reading useless information, that 99% of ppl already know. I could have had 1/4 of my siding cleaned!

Could Tony Dungy Retire After Super Bowl Win?

Feb 6th 2007 9:06AM Yeah, Manning's a crybaby, blames everyone else, and is a fragile baby. Sure, that's why his team-mates always insist that Manning never blames them, that's why he always praises his team for a victory. Yeah, he also scolds sometimes, THAT'S PART OF BEING A LEADER. He's the gel of this team. And fragile? Please, he's started EVERY game of his career. 9 seasons. And, if he's fragile, apparently you didn't see the game where he got his jaw broken. He had it wired shut, never missed a practice or game, even though he had to eat everything through a straw...What a wimp. Lol. The joke's on the ppl who think he's a baby. He just threw that in your face.

Where Do the Losers' Super Bowl T-Shirts Go?

Feb 6th 2007 12:38AM I like Steven Patterson's comment. The NFL does a lot...probably more than any other major pro sport. And, a lot of the players are personally involved in charities, that they CHOOSE to do. Sure, maybe a lot of the time they just give money...But, money goes a long way towards helping the homeless,etc...


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