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Getting Kids to Try New and Healthy Foods

May 6th 2011 8:15PM Well, with the advent of Frankenfoods being stocked in our grocery stores, in recent years, with compliments, by Monsanto, the chief GMO architect of foods and veggies with little or no value... I'd say, grow your own or buy ' organic veggies' only. Much safer.
Wash all foods prior to eating. Pesticides etc. need to be removed.
Bon Appeitit.....

Unclog a Drain: Baking Soda Vs. Drano

Apr 16th 2011 6:29PM The simplest and surest initial solutions tackling a slow or stopped drain is using an hose with inflatable bladder for a given sized 1-1/2", or 2" for inside of most homes. Most hardware stores etc. have those 2 sizes.
If you don't want to use the hose/bladder method, than there's, the 1/4" cable method. Get one that has a 25ft 1/4" cable in a drum, that U can turn and using the thumb set-screw to advance the cable down the drain, to and thru the stoppage. Get a decent one. Their worth the money for any future use....and there will be a future use.
Last... if you don't want to go thru the hassle and/or aren't ' handy' with tools... just call your local drain clearing company or maintenance plumber. shop around for pricing. No surprises on the bill, if you know what I mean.
PS.. Forget most of the acid-type drain clearners. They can stain brass & other fine finishes if your not careful and are hazardout to keep around in the house, when you have children. Heck..even adults. Maintain kitchen and other drains with a good enzyme/bacteria product and add recommended dosage, once a month or so to house sink drains. They'll eat up soap scum, foods, oils, inhibit odors, etc and keep drain lines clean. You'll be glad you did. This also helps your septic systems maintain a viable bacteria/enzyme culture for proper digestion of foods and wastes. A must!!. unless, you enjoy seeing your septic-tank pumper .. Good Luck.

Sunscreen Dangerous? Experts Shed Light on the Controversy

Apr 11th 2011 5:34AM In brief.... The FDA DOES NOT go thru an approval process for it does with foods and drugs. Despite the 'approval' process that is initiated with foods & drugs, tens of thousands of people suffer from the consequences of taking those ' FDA APPROVED' products. The FDAs track record IS abysmal, at best. Imagine, what's IN your cosmetics... shampoos, soaps, Acne cleansers, epidermal lotions etc etc. the FDA doesn't scrutinize... I have and the ingredients I have found in facial cleansers, soaps and shampoos is nothing short of appaling. It's BUYER BEWARE. If you care about yourselves or your kids... get a publication that lists ingredients and its side-effects. You won't believe what your going to find. Shame on those companies that make this crap. I'd like to think its all done via their ignorance and lack of knowledge, but, when reality sets in, I don't trust'em and I read EVERY label now.
Hint - If U can't pronounce the ingredient in the product... DON'T BUY IT.

Video: Scandinavian Airlines pilot doing doughnuts in a Boeing 737

Mar 1st 2011 11:34PM Tower to Flight 911.... U do have snow chains on all 10 of your wheels ...10-4 ?

Building the Disney Dream -- German Shipyard Boss Talks About Working With Disney

Nov 6th 2010 3:08AM OK.. So Disney builds 'their' Cruise Ship Extroidinaire offshore, like so many other CORPORATIONS have done TO the American people... Who in the H E Double L, is going to be able to afford to cruise on this MickeyMouse Behemouth in THIS economy?
Heck.. Most people can't even afford to go to their theme parks today, without putting the expense of it all on their MasterCards. The MiddleClass is being decimated and the 'Dollar' is heading into the dust bin of history. So... Disney, How many ' E ' Tickets will it take to sail on this ' GoodShip Lollipop"..??

10 drugstore products doctors don't recommend

Oct 11th 2010 6:35PM EVERYONE..... should read the labels on foods, beverages, and your personal care products. Why? because their laced with synthetic additives, chemicals, and processed components that are known to cause human health problems. And, the sad and most despicable thing is, THEY KNOW IT and for the most part, they don't care. What they do care about is... $$$$$$$$$$$.
You are what you eat & drink and use on your body..including shampoos, facial cleansers, mouthwashes, toothpastes, etc.
Consumers MUST be able to read the labels and further, know whats in the products they purchase, THAT can and will harm them, if they become regular users of those dangerous products.
ITS BUYER BEWARE. What they try to sell you on TV, in magazines, radio and newspapers...can be hazardous to your health and wallet, it seems. Bon Appetit. --

Beauty's Emerging Green Packaging Trend Bids Goodbye to Plastic Bottles

Sep 13th 2010 2:04AM While BPA is a growing concern among plastic bottle manufacturers, I'm much more concerned about what manufacturers put IN their plastic or glass containers, that humans use for their personal care needs and beverage consumption. Ever read whats in those products and check out the health issues associated with those additives/ingredients?
I have and most of the shampoos, facial cleansers, anti-bacterial soaps, etc. have been removed from my familys use. I now use ' great' alternative shampoos, facial cleansers, hair mousse, sprays, soaps, 'fluoride free' toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.. without far of whats in them, that will cause my family harm. Further, all plastic containers that aren't BPA free are history, as well. Glass is fine. never had a problem with glass.
Check it out. Look up those ingredients in those shampoos and facial cleansers etc. It will curl your hair, without using any mousse or spray. Its your health. Good Luck.

'I'm Not Going to School and You Can't Make Me!'

Aug 31st 2010 1:30AM Seems schools have forgotten a ' key' component of maintaining discipline in the public school system and that is THE SWAT.
Trust me, when u messed up in school...being a bully or committing a school infraction... the SWAT... did wonders for attitude adjustments for most boys
Kids today don't fear the teachers, school staff or principal. They know they can get away with all kinds of things and have little to fear, for they know, no one can smack their behinds. Parents fear,if they ever discipline their kids at home with a swat or two, they'd get a visit from CPS and or the COPS. The system has gone bonkers and the Liberal LEFT ' Progressives are running the insane asylum, while nurse ' Ratchit' sits in the Psychotherapists chair.
As far as, Psychotherapy goes.... thats another problem being hoisted onto the psychs of Parents, as well as, students..who don't know how to question perceived authority.
Psychologists are trained to believe that ALL children who believe in a Supreme Being, ie. God, are deemed mentally defective and bear correction from the onset, and to adopt more secular thought patterns, while at the same time, are being dumbed-down and stupified by a Gov't fostered curriculum, that lowers the bar, and graduates functional illiterates into society. Psychotherapy = Psycho-babble. That's the truth..U know it and I know it..
The Schools are broken. The teachers, have a lot to answer for, for the damage they've done to our nations children.
With No Apologies..

TSA Proposes Device That Tracks Cell Phones, Wait Times

Mar 25th 2010 11:39PM IF you believe what the TSA is saying... I know of an icecream cone stand in Alaska, someone wants to sell you.
When are you people going to learn... the first prerequisite to qualify, to work for the Guberment is you must be a consumate LIAR. Once mastered.. all things are possible.

Rosie's Return Means Round Two With Barbara Walters

Mar 24th 2010 3:07AM U've got to be kidding... With ALL the bad programing that's on the 'boob' tube, these days, someone is actually 'THIMKING' of putting Rosie O' back on the air...!!!??? Have U people lost your ever luv'n F'n Minds? I'm about ready to throw my TV in the trash, where most of the programming belongs today.. IN THE SH--CAN !.


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