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Whitney Houston's Rep: Emphysema Story Is 'Completely Untrue'

Jun 3rd 2011 2:06AM This makes me so sad. I think she is so beautiful and I love to hear her sing. I was a smoker and quit about three years ago and my breathing has totally improved from copd to well. Hopefully she will quit smoking and her breathing too will improve in time.

Cary Grant's Daughter Opens Up on His Devotion, Style and Sexuality

May 8th 2011 10:29PM Cary Grant is my favorite actor of all time. I love to watch his movies and I love to just watch him move. He always makes me smile and brightens any day that I see one of his movies in. I am happy that he left his daughter wonderful memories.

OPI Extends Shatter Line With Three Blue Shades

May 4th 2011 10:27PM WOW! I think the new Shatter OPI is too cool. I have the black and just got the silver today, actually. The blues are beautiful. Pretty sure I will have to have one before the trend moves on. Tried another brand-just awful. I should know better, usually do buy opi.

10 Paper Towel Roll Crafts

Apr 9th 2011 3:32PM They are great bird toys. I talk through it to my Green winged Macaw and he tries to talk through it and then he chews it and rolls it and plays with it. We even do a little tug of war with it.

No More Dirty Looks -- The Truth About Toxic Stuff in Your Makeup

Dec 1st 2010 5:50PM I walked into a nail salon and I that was the strongest thing I have ever smelled. I should have had a tip when it smelled outside, but I opened the door and it nearly knocked me over and out. I cannot believe that is good for the customers OR especially the staff that have to inhale that all day. There needs to be some limits put on that smell somehow. No way I could or would get my nails done there.

Luxist Giveaway: Win a Cambria Cove Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week VIP Gift Bag

Oct 16th 2010 12:47PM Oh, this bag is dreamy. Please select me as the winner.

Lindsay Planning Rehab Photo Shoot to Earn Cash?

Oct 4th 2010 6:04PM It seems like there should be some kind of a rule at the facility that no photographers allowed in the rehabilitation facility. It is for her benefit to be away from the world for a time and look into herself really hard for some answers. This just shows she is not taking this to heart and it will not do her any good until she admits she has a problem and wants to quit whatall she is taking.

What's The Best Steam Iron?

Oct 3rd 2010 8:23PM I bought a new steam iron simply because the new ones were so much lighter and had the stand up steaming and self cleaning. I paid a LOT more than my old faithful iron, but there is no comparison to the quality of ironing I get from the new iron and the quality of the clothes from the old iron. The new one is Rowenta. I have to fill the water tank a lot and I use distilled water, because our water is so hard. I also have a presser, and I know how to use one. It takes a long time to get the shirt absolutely flat and wrinkle free. Remember that the laundry (used to anyway) use about three machines to do shirts. The presser at the dry cleaners that does shirt sleeves just does that and consists of two metal upright irons the same size as the shirt sleeves. When you use the home presser you have to carefully lay out the sleeve and cuffs. The home presser that I have does not have the safety features that prevent people from pressing their fingers. It is easy to do especially if you are in a big hurry and I do not know if it is really faster by the time you lay out your fabrics. That takes forever.

Scare Tactics

Sep 19th 2010 2:03PM My heart goes out to this father. Children are way out of control, and a moving vehicle is last place for this to happen. While I disagree with his method, I admire the love he has for his child. Our boy was picked on every day on the school bus and every day the kids would throw out a glove, his coat, his scarf or hat. I always thought that a parent monitor could ride on the bus to keep order. They would need some authority for detention to do any good. Some schools do have a paid monitor.

Delta Loses 8-Week-Old Puppy - Sends Dog to California not Maine

Jun 19th 2010 3:01PM Hundreds of dogs are shipped via air each year. Most of the time all is well and pup get to their destination in good shape without any ill effects. This is just a fluke. I am sure that the airlines will do something to make up for the mistake. Granted that will not help the dog, but I always put direction on the crate and a bowl on the inside of the crate with our water taped to the crate and some of our food along with a cheap leash.


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