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Tips For Gaming Hotel Websites To Get The Best Room Rates

Nov 20th 2012 12:30AM I just discovered Express Deals on Priceline, who I don't usually like to book through because you pay upfront, but I recently got a downtown high rise hotel in Bellevue, WA for $59 (less than the Motel 6 price in the same town). We stayed a week...and there was NO bidding required.

Otherwise, I like Kayak because you can check all of the other sites as well. Saving money is time consuming but you will mostly always end up with a better hotel for less money is you do your homework up front. Happy travels everyone!

Tips For Gaming Hotel Websites To Get The Best Room Rates

Nov 20th 2012 12:00AM I have to agree. If you are taking a lengthy vacation or a multi city stay, a travel agent is your best bet. My Mom and I did a cruise, flying LA to Sydney and returning to LA from Auckland, 17 days, including airfare and 2 nights in Auckland plus port trips and got it all for $2900 each. That's a $10,000 per person cruise...we have an established relationship with a travel agent and she find us the best deals.

Home Remedy: Wake Up Early

Jun 16th 2011 10:20PM Yeah, but how much do you have to spend before you get anything. I'd rather go to Las Vegas...

'Housewives' Cast Shocked by Jill Zarin's 'Taut' Face

Apr 14th 2011 4:27PM First of all, she's a LIAR. Secondly, if she can't change her personality, the why change anything. She's ugly inside.

Are You a Hoarder? What Your Collection Says About You

Apr 2nd 2011 2:29AM I think Tess (the author) is being judgmental. Get a life lady! People who collect things they like are not necessarily hoarders. That's quite a stretch to justify writing an article.

My question would be: "Who died and made you boss?"

House Tour: Vidal Sassoon's Modernist Bel Air Home

Mar 15th 2011 4:12AM Hey thanks for posting these photos. I know one thing for sure. I will never buy another Vidal Sassoon product as long as I live.


Alyssa Milano Expecting Her First Child

Feb 22nd 2011 11:30PM I'm so happy for her. I knew her dad and watched her grow up. She's a sweetie for sure. Congrats to them both!

Delta Loses Army Family's German Shepherd

Jan 2nd 2011 6:47AM LOCALGIRL: If you saw a dog laying on the side of the road, why didn't call 911? Just because a dog is laying on the side of the road doesn't mean it's dead. It could be in shock or injured. Next time, please alert someone who can come and check it out, instead of just driving by. Your post in itself is hurtful, because how is the owner supposed to check it out...all the owner can do is feel bad or worse than she does now, thanks to you.

The Top 10 TV Jerks of 2010: The Archie Bunker Awards

Dec 18th 2010 4:39AM Oh...and don't forget everyone's nightmare...SARAH PALIN! If she isn't the biggest jerk in the world, I don't know who is!

The Top 10 TV Jerks of 2010: The Archie Bunker Awards

Dec 18th 2010 4:36AM I strongly disagree about Jay Leno. He had his show taken away from him and Conan O'Brien ran his time time slot into the ground. Jay Leno is funny and NBC had a really thing going until they caved in to Gen X...


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