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Breathing easy in a painted room-- does low-VOC paint work?

Mar 4th 2008 5:13PM This weekend I painted a room with Olympic Low VOC paint. My painting partner and I had to apply six coats of the new color to conceal the color beneath it. We were wondering if the low VOC content affected the paint's coverage abilities. Did you have any problems with this?

10 ways (OK, maybe a couple more) to increase your vehicle's fuel economy

Feb 22nd 2008 3:10PM Constantly turning off and starting your car can be hard on the battery and/or alternator.

You can also increase mileage by replacing the intake air filter periodically. On most cars this is an easy DIY job. You don't need to invest in the expensive "performance" filters -- just grab a few Fram filters from the auto parts store and change them yourself whenever you get your oil changed.

Christmas Tree Shop tea light candles recalled

Feb 14th 2008 9:31PM Really now, who could have predicted that plastic would melt when exposed to flames?

Take a bite out of plumbing!

Feb 14th 2008 9:09AM Here's a link to the torch head I was speaking of:

Sadly I think you have to buy into their system to use it.

Take a bite out of plumbing!

Feb 13th 2008 8:16PM I've seen gas torch heads that were in the shape of a crab claw (think two small jets of flame pointed towards each other). Ostensibly they help direct the heat around the pipe and not towards the wall. Sadly I can't remember off the top of my head who makes them.

How to Make a Water Level

Feb 13th 2008 8:10PM I've seen these but never really knew how they worked. Thanks for posting this -- I'm going to keep it in mind when I'm leveling things across a room (or even between rooms).

Choose the Right Glue for the Job

Feb 13th 2008 7:59PM Titebond and Elmer's glues are both under the same umbrella of polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glues. They work really well on wood but to get the best performance you should tightly clamp the two objects you're gluing together.

The clamping advice also applies to Gorilla glue (or any polyurethane based glue) since it expands as it dries. You should also lightly mist the objects you're gluing with water.

The water advice also applies to "Super" glues (Cyanoacrylate based glues). In the absence of water they'll just sit there uncured. I store my bottles of opened superglue in sealed plastic bags. This keeps humidity out (which can cause the glue to cure in the bottle) but also keeps the outgassing from the glue from covering the surrounding container with a white haze.

Get rid of loose pipes

Feb 13th 2008 7:46PM By "trim plate" do you mean the escutcheon around the valve handle? I don't think it's a bad idea to caulk around escutcheons as it prevents water from getting into the wall cavity. I would seal around the pipe and put a concealed ring on the back of the escutcheon. I don't think you can ever do too much to prevent water from getting into/behind the walls of a shower.

You're entirely correct that caulk should never be used in place of mechanical fasteners, however.


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