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Woman, 62, Adopted by Man, 85, Fights Eviction From His Apartment

May 10th 2013 10:48PM A farewell beeeeeej wouldn't have been too much to ask.

Redditor Beth Robinson Posts Security Camera Video of Robbery at Her Home

Jan 3rd 2013 9:14AM A pie in the face from a swinging pendulum and a few banana peels just to the inside of the entry floor could be equally as affective at a fraction of the cost. The odds of catching these evil doers will skyrocket.
* They'll be the ones limping with Flintstone sized knots on the back of their head.
* They'll be the only thieves the police dogs will want to lick.
* Incorporate a heckling alarm in conjunction with youtubed video footage....

They might just turn themselves in from an overwhelming inferiority complex.

Homeowner Kimberly Smith's Mortgage Loan Modification Saved Her Only $1.61 Per Month

Oct 28th 2012 1:23PM We all know its going to happen don't we? It never fails. Can't trust anybody anymore. Most of us are not as knowledgeable as these blood sucking predators. We need an agent to represent us to do our dirty work when we make purchases like this.

I'm in awe that BOA can still get away with unethical practices. They're going out of their way to save their client a whole $19.32 annually. How can they keep a straight face when they inform their client?

We should have let them circle the toilet bowl and watch them flush down just like the piece that they are instead of bailing their asses out.

Cremated Remains of 56 People Found in Ohio Foreclosure

Sep 20th 2012 11:20PM Good job Jason. It makes sense.

After 60 days its her property anyway. If the State says that the funeral director 'may' dispose of the remains, 'may' doesn't mean 'do it' it means legally they are no longer obligated to hold onto them at the discretion of the director.

Unfortunately, this is a business. Shes trying to make a living in an otherwise unflattering trade. She invested her time and money into this service. It would make sense that she would hold onto it as collateral just in case.

Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister

Jul 28th 2012 3:11AM We've all made some dumb ass mistakes...yes even political parties. Her's just happen to be a real serious one.
The question to me is, did the hotel condone this? I can't see them turning a deaf ear to the bannister rides.

David Arquette Kicked Out of Prince Show For Taking Pictures

Jun 9th 2011 10:29AM Go get'm Pugz.
The former artist formally known as the artist that was formally known as Prince is now formally known as the artist formally known as Prince currently known as Prince.
David did nothing wrong and the former artist known as Prince is full of himself.

Jeff Conaway's Family Demands Autopsy

Jun 1st 2011 11:37AM Tough crowd in here. I think I'll just pay my respects and see myself out.

RIP Kenick.

PS. Judge not and ye shall not be judged.

Kiss's Paul Stanley Born Deaf in One Ear

Apr 17th 2011 3:44PM You got that right Kris. I've been to uncountable amounts of concerts over the past 30 plus years and my hearing is fine.
I suppose it would be a huge concern if you were around it daily.
As a drummer, I do wear head phones while I'm playing but not if I go to see a show.
I've seen KISS twice and yes they were pretty loud. So was Aerosmith and Dio.

Band Sell Name for $251,000 to Internet Financial Firm

Mar 26th 2011 3:38PM Exposure numb nuts. Look, your talking about'em.
Good or bad, its a proven technique that draws awareness in an otherwise tough profession.
Madonna, Lady gaga, etc. are some of the elite at this technique who have proper'd in their trade as a result. The difference I'm seeing, a stadium is a fixed object that people go to. So what if the name changes I always know where its at if I need it. A band is a moving object. They need to continually seek me out if I'm going to remember them. It could be a problem if they are changing their name every few years.
Its an interesting idea of thinking outside the box. Lets see how it pans out.


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