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Sharon D

Sharon D

Member Since Feb 27th, 2007

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Disinfecting your dishwashing sponge

Aug 17th 2007 5:32PM I add a little lemon juice to the water when I "cook" my sponge in the microwave.

Why don't you pay for software?

May 22nd 2007 2:22PM I`m a full time caregiver for my mom. We live on SS.
I donate when I can.
Freeware is very much appreciated!

Would You Like a Little Gossip With That Review?

May 15th 2007 3:12PM There are a gazillion places to go for gossip if that`s what you want to read.
I prefer to read a good review about the film.

Yahoo! the new AOL homepage looks awfully familiar

Apr 27th 2007 4:15PM Anything is better than what it was!
Like you said,they need something new to make it worth using regularly.

No Nudes is Good Nudes ... No More

Mar 8th 2007 12:51PM How about a nudist island?

Pageflakes plans to add 10,000 flakes (widgets)

Feb 27th 2007 4:58PM This is a lot like Netvibes,except that Netvibes has more content to choose from.


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