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Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards

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Congratulations to the Winners of our Laptop Contest

Jan 10th 2011 8:24PM I am 71 years old and live alone. I basically live on social security and a small retirement. To supplement my income I do work from home as a mystery shopper for several companies. Recently I had an accident and broke my back. I will be unable to do my regular mystery shopping indefinitely, probbly ever again. I have found these same companies will allow me to do some other work from home which involves telephone calls and entering the information on the computer simultaneously. Also there are other work opportunities that involves direct data entry. These are not the "scam" jobs we hear so much about but with copmanies I have worked for for years. My problem: I cannot sit in front of my PC due to my back injury. I desperately need a laptop. I have to keep earning extra money to continue living independently. Just because I am 71 and have an injury does not mean I am ready to give up. I want to remain independent. A few hundred dollars a month makes a big difference to my quality of life but doesn't allow for me to buy a laptop. Winning this laptop would make a senior citizen remain independent and productive. Thank you for your consideration.

Mary Edwards

Garrett Wittels, FIU Baseball Star, Charged With Rape

Dec 28th 2010 4:41PM I don't c are how old or young the girls were, the guys were adults and no girl deserves to be raped. Secondly, at least the school is going thru the act of doing something - they made an arrest. Notre Dame is sweeping theirs under the rug just like they did with their priests for years. That poor girl ended up committing suicide because no one would believe her over the good Catholic boy.

Unusual Uses: Digital Cameras - 22 Clever Uses

Feb 19th 2010 11:31PM When you are out shopping for something i.e. a piece of furniture, etc. you may snap a pic of the different ones you look at and add the store name by numbering or actually capturing the store name. That way when you are trying to remember which piece was where you can readily recall.

Government agency overseeing banks criticizes bank fees

Dec 4th 2008 10:27AM I agree wholeheartedly - the banks are out of control. My bank calls itself a "community bank" yet it has less sense of community than ANY business that I have ever dealt with. I was in business for over 25 years and had I worked with the practices they do I would have been forced to retire much earlier for lack of business. Recently I had an overdraft. My social security check was at the bank but had not yet been posted - the bank told me this. They said often the checks arrived electronically as much as two days before they were posted. Thus they knew the money was forthcoming into my account. I made an "E-check' payment on a credit card - of all things. Good old bank friend bounced it. Their resulting charges were as follows: The bank charged $39.00 for bounced check, $5.00 for balance less than $100.00, the credit card company charged $29.00 for bounced check, $29.00 for late payment and $29.00 for over the limit charges. The first two charges pushed my balance over the limit I had available. A total of $131.00 - more than the check was written for and I had money waiting to deposit. How could I pay that if I couldn't pay the $100.00. AND it was not intentional. I thought the SS checks had been deposited.! Please don't give them anymore of my tax dollars!

Anthony Kim Domes Fan With Errant Tee Shot, Says 'I Thought I Killed Him'

Sep 28th 2008 11:52AM Why are people so negsative? Why do you always put down the celebrity? How do you know what Kim's intentions are? How do you know what transpired behind the scene? I am sure the injured spectator will be more than adequately taken care of. However, fans are injured everyday in everything from Nascar to Baseball. That is part of being a spectator "down in front". Can't we ever be a civil society and care about everybody's feelings. Kim felt terrible about the incident. There was not intent to injure. The worst scenario would be if the injured party tried to collect damages beyond rreasonable just because he could! That would be greed - much like some of you people are showing. Shame on you!

The Top 11 Free Brain Games

Dec 27th 2007 11:03AM I'd like to challenge Therese and Lily and any others who seem to think this is child's play. - I think it made it clear this is for seniors to keep our mind sharp. We don't need anyone to put us down. Everyone gets older eventually if they are fortunate to live that long. This is just preventive medicine and fun ane challenging! If you don't like it, don't do it!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is Stupid

Mar 2nd 2007 7:52PM I once thought Barbara Walters was a strong, moral woman who although we sometimes poked fun at, we respected her opinions and she was kind to others. HOW in the world does SHE put up with ROSIE and why does she LET her demean and abuse decent people like Elizabeth? Who really is running this show? Or has the show become a vehicle for blackmail? One would think so! Please Elizabeth and anyone else who Rosie tries to intimidate, don't let her! Stand up to her and always speak out for what YOU believe - your opinions are just as valid as anyone else's and moreso than Rotting Rosie. Rosie is a prime example of moral decay, Elizabeth and all the others she tries to cast aside do not have to enter the heap with her.


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