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J. L. Chambers

J. L. Chambers

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Thirty abandoned churches from around the world

Aug 8th 2011 1:59PM It seems so sad; some of these places perhaps should be made into historical landmarks. I once saw an abandoned church in NC that was being used to hang tobacco in. I thought that was sacreligious. Of course, buildings don't last forever, and neither do people, on this earth. Maybe these old buildings are pointing this out.

Making Healthy Choices ... With Fast Food

Jul 7th 2011 7:51PM Sad to say, these newer choices may be healthier, but still NOT HEALTHFUL. Most Americans have no idea how many calories or carb consumption is right for them, and they could care less. THEY JUST DON'T GIVE A HOOT! Shaving off a little grease and a few calories here and there doesn't amount to a drop in the bucket for most people-they will just order more of the lower-calorie items. It's sad that McDonald's et al just started out to make a buck and offer a tasty, cheap meal-and unintentionally have contributed to the ill health of our nation-tremendously.

David Cook Says New Album Was Therapy for Brother's Death, Explains Why 'Idol' Doesn't Need Simon Cowell


CBS Finally Has an Exit Plan for Katie Couric

Apr 25th 2011 11:11AM Katie, you had already outlived your usefulness the day you were born...Sayonara, wench.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail

Apr 22nd 2011 7:05PM I believe the medical term for her malady is: Persistent Lezbokleptomania disease.

Katie and Matt Still Have 'It' in 'TODAY' Reunion

Apr 13th 2011 3:37PM Good riddance to both of them! Katie is a colossal flop as anchor of her own news show. She's good as long as someone else is the boss. Matt-well, he's so last decade. Ever since he made the choice of going bald instead of getting a hair transplant-well, you see the result.

Co-Sleeping: Is a Family Bed Worth the Safety Concerns?

Apr 11th 2011 2:45PM I suppose different people have different experiences, and each baby is unique. We didn't let our first child sleep with us, because the stupid BABY BOOKS said not to. It was a mistake, as she desperately needed us for sleeping time, and grew up feeling deprieved of attention. With our next two, we let each of them sleep with us until they were old enough and mature enough to choose sleeping in their own bed. I DO recommend letting babies sleep with their parents-unless you have a baby who prefers NOT to (and there are some).

'Sister Wives' Polygamist Kody Brown Expecting a Baby With Fourth Wife Robyn

Apr 10th 2011 3:27PM Get these moronic Mormons off tv. Just giving them publicity is falling into their little trap of pretending this is a normal lifestyle. IT IS NOT NORMAL!!

'Mommy! I Got to Touch a Breast Implant in School Today!'

Apr 9th 2011 7:38PM What's next...we bring in a vibrator?

Police Use Pepper Spray to Subdue 8-Year-Old at School

Apr 6th 2011 3:18PM I hope I'm not smelling a law suit on the way. This boy deserved what he got, and deserves NO sympathy. There are times when 'understanding' just doesn't work!


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