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Hot Seat: The Inauguration Cost

Jan 20th 2009 8:59AM I voted for Obama and wish him success as our new president. And, I realize the euphoria over his election, particularly with liberals and blacks. But, these are hard times. A big lavish celebration is inappropriate and irresponsible. I think he shoulc take the oath, punch in and go to work.

General Motors sues over employee discounts

Sep 2nd 2008 9:43PM GM is getting desperate. They can't make enough money to balance the books without selling overpriced SUV's and trucks. Why? Because their costs are way out of line from bending over for the UAW for years. And, what's their answer. Axe and abuse those who's expertise and skills have contributed to their staying afloat, and will need in the future to develope new product.

Al Sharpton Considering Action on Don Imus Adam Jones Remarks

Jun 23rd 2008 11:21PM Quit making excuses for illegal behavior by black men by calling it stereotyping and racist. It's a fact, they're involvement in violence and illegal behavior is extremely high when compared to almost any other racial or ethnic group, except perhaps hispanics. Instead of criticizing Imus, Sharpton and company should be preaching to their own minority group, to clean up their act.

Nerd Alert! Geo Metro: the new "it" car?

May 19th 2008 10:20PM I've had two of the GEO Metros. No luxery, but otherwise economical depandable little cars. I put 140,000 miles on my first one, and sold it to a private owner. Only maintenance items, nothing broke, and it still wasn't using much oil. The second one I put over 100,000, and got hit by a pickup truck. Fortunately it was a glancing blow. Totaled the car, but I was ok. They should start making them again and selling new ones.

Quick Picks: Heidi Montag wears lingerie to a premiere

May 2nd 2008 1:03PM I think she is cute. And, looks real nice in her whatever it is.

Potent Quotables: Vedder Spits 'Idol' Venom

Apr 20th 2008 11:16PM I like the show. But, the system of voting sucks. They should only allow one vote per phone line. And, the person with the highest number of votes to get voted off that week should go. Voting "for" someone, justs splits the vote up, allowing some good singers to be considered safe and not voted for.

Suicide Robot Kills Man In Driveway

Mar 20th 2008 9:29PM Wouldn't it be a lot simpler and painlessn to just take an overdose of sleeping pills, turn on the gas, leave the care running in the garage etc.

AOL Straw Poll: March 10-17

Mar 19th 2008 5:57PM I vote for none of the above. What a lousy set of choices. Perhaps Hillary is the best of the worst. I don't think old John will make through the first term if elected. Obama's intentions to gut the strategic weapons programs is scary. And, he and Hillary both have a big social agenda for us to pay for.

Hot Seat: Obama Solve Rev. Wright Problem?

Mar 19th 2008 5:45PM Racist hatred of blacks is almost unheard of amoung whites, which is probably a surprise to those like Rev. Wright. Just a few lunatic fringe groups. I wish I could say that racial hatred of white society by blacks was almost nonexistant too. Blacks merely a generation ago had good reason to have animosity towards white society, but a lot has changed. Attitudes towards blacks in general has changed dramatically. But, there are still a lot of people like Rev. Wright that won't acknowledge that. And, continue to insist all the problems in black society is the fault of white society. It just isn't true, and actually does more harm than good. They should be preaching individual moral responsibility. White people can not solve the problems like urban crime. They have to have the support of the black community, and so far it hasn't been coming, because they are to busy blaming someone else and limiting themselves by carrying hate in their hearts.

Mrs. Spitzer Stands By Her Man

Mar 11th 2008 3:39PM He's homely and probably has no personality. That's why he has to pay for it. Most political wives stand by their man, because to not do so would mean the loss of their money machine. Ordinarily I would say he shouldn't resign, Clinton didn't for his indiscretions. But, Spitzer has put people in jail for the very same things he has done. Talk about a hypocrite.


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