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Bento Boom Hits Bay Area

Apr 23rd 2009 11:49AM We have had an Obento shop in SoCal for a little while now called Bentoss ( It is the US version of a Japanese chain. Yummy stuff prepared fresh.

My Registry Part I: Fine China - The Hungry Bride

Apr 5th 2009 9:20PM We did not register for fine china, but I really wanted some, so we bought set off eBay. For $350, I got ~12 full place settings and many serving dishes. Any fill ins I needed (for instance, I got 11 salad dishes instead of 12), I could order from, as the pattern was fairly common. For us, it was a great solution, as we don't pull out the china that often.

Country Ham, Day 1

Dec 29th 2008 11:58AM I made a country ham for Christmas a few years ago. Soak it as long as possible because it will be super salty. After scrubbing with a potato scrubber, I removed the hock with a hacksaw and soaked the ham in a large Coleman cooler for three days. I changed the water twice daily. I suppose if you are in a rush and are looking to get more salt out, you might try adding a few peeled potatoes to your soak (like how you would remove excess salt from a soup). I then cooked it using the Alton Brown recipe found on the Food Network site. Everyone was quite happy with it. I agree with the need to slice it thinly.

What I would like to know is, what are you going to make with any left-overs?

Dinner by spreadsheet

Nov 29th 2007 12:02PM If you're a firefox user, you can upload an add-on called "Grocery List Generator." It allows you to input all your recipes and the ingredients. From there, you select what dishes you will cook and it will add all the ingredients to your grocery list, along with any other items you input (e.g., lightbulbs). It's a great *free* add-on.

5 ways to prevent drain clogs

Nov 26th 2007 11:32AM >>let the grease harden and scoop out as much as you can into the garbage.

FYI - In some parts of the country that may be illegal. Where I am, grease is considered a household waste that should be separated from the trash. We pour the grease into a larger empty jar (e.g., mayo), and when full, drop it off at the hazardous household waste site, along with used batteries, burnt out CFLs, old TVs, etc.

Be gone you nasty stickiness!

Nov 21st 2007 9:44PM I've always had good luck with rubbing alcohol.

A turkey that can go straight from the freezer to the oven

Nov 7th 2007 1:44AM I have tasted this turkey as part of taste test a couple of years ago. It's not as good as a fried turkey, but better than one roasted traditionally.

Peg Bracken dead at 89

Oct 27th 2007 1:05AM Oh Bummer. I was late to the Peg Bracken party (only two or so years ago), but I loved her outlook tremendously. Godspeed, Ms. Bracken.

How to make your own butter

Jul 14th 2007 8:44PM FWIW, when I was in Girl Scouts, we made butter once and used jars of baby food to shake the butter in. It was slightly less work than pulling taffy.

Don't choose wine because of the cute animal on the label

Apr 18th 2007 12:55AM Sometimes cute label works. Recently fell in love with Rosenblum's Chateau Le Paws white blend, which we bought only because the label was fun. Although sometimes you will wind up with some lousy wine if you go by "cute" alone.

That Alvear you have in the picture? That's great if you like sweet wines, and priced about $17.


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