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Jeff Montgomery

Jeff Montgomery

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Underwater Mortgages Keeping Housing Market Afloat?

Jun 19th 2012 1:24PM The lamest 'trend' ever ! So everyone gets screwed because some other douche is willing to take a loss on his ?

Was Ryan Seacrest offensive to Oscar nominee Demian Bichir?

Feb 27th 2012 9:10PM Trying to figure out how this guy pulled Sherk off ???

Maria Conchita Alonso & Sean Penn Get Into Airport Scuffle

Dec 22nd 2011 2:29PM Dannnnny ! Pacmannnnn !!!! Classic... Did she really think he wanted to hear what she had to say ?

David Spade's Malibu Beach Home Sees Price Erosion

Dec 2nd 2011 12:35PM How this guy even has a home of that value, w/ his talent level, is TOTALLY beyond me...

Eva Mendes eerily resembles Amy Winehouse on set

Nov 23rd 2011 12:34PM For AOL to have that front page headline after we wrote what we did yesterday, is total BS.... she looks NOTHING like her, the writer knows it, AW can't hold Mendes' jock in any way & should never be mentioned in the same breath as EM.... GIVE ME A FRIGGIN' BREAK...TO AOL, knock the BS misleading headlines off already !

Joe Paterno's Real Estate Transfer: Suspicious or Not?

Nov 16th 2011 5:14PM Schulman is so full of S here that it's comical.....

'Mortgage Prof': 5 Reasons Banks Would Rather Foreclose

Oct 19th 2011 3:46PM Spot on... glad you wrote this, couldn't agree more... wish i'd had a way to write you 18 months ago ! Jeff :

'Mortgage Prof': 5 Reasons Banks Would Rather Foreclose

Oct 19th 2011 3:36PM Why doesn't Ann here, in her infinite wisdom so some actual in-depth investigation on items 1 & 2 before doing a piece on the obvious, that resolved NOTHING for anybody !

Marisa Miller's Birthday Bikinis

Aug 6th 2011 2:21PM Such a liar.....

Jessica Simpson | Style Evolution

Jul 10th 2011 1:16PM Actually LifeCell is the worst, but thanks !


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