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Should Your Family Share a Bed?

Jun 21st 2010 3:53PM I don't believe in letting a newborn sleep in its' own room. Not necessarilly in the 'family bed' but in a snuggly bassinet inside the parents room as space permits. But you know to each his /her own. Whatever works for your family. Everything doesn't have to be over psychoanalized.

Michael Jackson's Kids Coping Without Dad

Jun 21st 2010 3:25PM Don't white celebrities parent black children all the time? So what if black parents have white kids. Why is it such a big deal? And why is it any of your business anyway. These kids don't belong to you or are related to you in any way. You'll just have to get over it or continue to live in misery because you can't do anything about it.

Pavers Patio

Jun 19th 2010 12:39PM really?

Ashley Graham on Lane Bryant Commercial: 'Curves Are In, and They Are Here to Stay'

Apr 26th 2010 10:30PM I saw the ad and I kinda think that it wasn't so much because the model was curvy, she was more what I'd call voluptuous but the way the ad was set up is like she was going to see her date in only underwear and a trench coat. It was to be shown during American Idol give back, so I think that would've caused a firestorm the next day and all the good that was done on American Idol would've been sidetracked by this. So I believe ABC and Fox didn't want the uproar. View the ad again and you'll see what I mean. But of course that's just my opinion though, not forcing anybody to see it my way.

Baby Formula is Not Rat Poison

Apr 17th 2010 6:30PM I remember when I had my first baby I had this book that tells you how to prepare your breasts before the baby comes. It involved light massage to the breasts in a combing motion. Slight pulling of the nipples, especially in women who don't have nipples that stick out, and using a special cream that moisturizes and prepares the nipples. The breasts produces a clear fluid called colostrum during the first two or three days after delivery which is of value to the baby's immune system and digestion, plus putting baby to the breasts at this time encourages the milk secretion and breastfeeding helps the womb to return to it's before pregnancy condition. Ask your ob/gyn about this. It takes a little patience. Everybody's different so, as you are able, put your baby to the breasts and breast pump as often as you can so if you have to work baby will still get its' mother's milk. And if all else fails then of course find a high quality formula for your baby but don't feel bad about yourself if you have to go this route okay. There's no need to have a big fight over this. We all love our little bundles of joy, until they grow up and beat the crap out of us. Just kidding.

Jane Fonda 'Not Proud' of Plastic Surgery


Confessions Of A Professional Housekeeper

Apr 4th 2010 12:53PM I worked as a housekeeper and I never snoop or go into the people I work for things. I go there to do my job and that's it. I don't have a snooping personality and I consider myself a
trustworthy person. I don't eavesdrop on conversations 'cause it's really none of my business. I have to move paperwork to clean but I just move them, clean under them and put them back. I'm not interested in what the pay for utilities or what they eat or wear, it's not my concern. Furthermore it would take time out of my schedule to go through stuff that's not beneficial to me in any way shape or form. People have to know boundaries. I may turn a TV on for 'company' so it's not so quiet when I'm alone there, but that's it. I'm dedicated to my work and I'll not let anything happen to betray the trust between my client and me. One other thing, I don't care how elaborate and nicer a home where I work is. I love my home, no matter if it's way more humble than where I work. All I want is to do my job and go to my home where I can unwind. I'm not envious of nobody's home. What's yours is yours and what's mine is mine. So don't put all of us in the same basket. There are a lot of sincere people in this field of work.

Celebrity Skin: Hollywood Tips for Faking Perfection

Mar 11th 2010 9:59PM Don't hate. You only wish you had what Demi and Ashton have, and by the way, do they look like they care what you haters say about them. They're living their lives and so should you by butting out of theirs.

Danny Glover to Marry His Brazilian Gal?

Nov 19th 2009 4:14PM You're only saying that about the age difference because in this case the man is the 20yrs older. If it was the woman who was so much older you would not be saying the same thing. As a matter of a fact it would probably make headlines. In this day and age people are so close minded.

Gwen Stefani Bleaches Her Son's Hair - Cool or Crazy?

Aug 31st 2009 5:49PM It's a young child we're talking about here. If it's true that she did that to his hair then that's totally wrong. How can anyone see it as acceptable to put strong chemicals on a young child's hair. You keep saying it will grow back . That's not the issue, the chemicals can get absorbed through the skin and get into the bloodstream people, not to mention the fumes. I hope this story is false but in the event that it is true, then I hope she won't do it again cause that can be very harmful to the child period not just his hair.


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