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The Apostolic Palace: Inside Pope Benedict's Summer Home at Castel Gandolfo

Mar 2nd 2013 10:49AM I was wanting to see the wine celler and bar and what happens after vespers?

Justinianos' Bronx Home is 12 Inches From Apartment Building Construction, and It's Ruining Their View

Jan 20th 2013 12:23PM Drop a few water oak seeds between the two buildings, the wood one can give the block one can't.

Town of Parrottsville, Tenn., Finds 27 Basketballs, Other Sports Gear Clogging Drain

Aug 2nd 2012 12:11PM Looks like athletics in Parrottsville are going down the drain.

Video: A Crash Landing From The Pilot's Point Of View

Jul 14th 2012 12:49PM I flew all of my younger life, my father was a Pilot and he taught me to fly and most of the time I did while he slept. One of the things he taught me was, If you can walk away, then it was a good landing.

Inside Look: NYC's 'Convertible Brownstone' (VIDEO)

Apr 6th 2012 11:15AM Nice but what about flies and birds,squirrels and all forms of vermin? and besides it's not high enough for water balloons but close enough for rocks incoming.

Spiderwebs blanket Australian tourist stopover

Mar 7th 2012 2:10PM Hasn't anyone down under herd about a Flame thrower?

Celebrity Homes in the Heights of Luxury (GALLERY)

Dec 17th 2011 12:52PM These are for showing off wealth, no body could live there, I'd be afraid to come into this room with out removing my close & shoes and taking a bath first.

Mountain biker vs. antelope in South Africa

Oct 11th 2011 9:10AM Did someone get the license plate # of that hit and run antelope?

Folly Beach, South Carolina: The Country's Greatest Fourth of July

Jul 22nd 2011 3:05PM I youse to go there and cetch crabs most every time, the eating kind that is.

Crystal Harris: 'It Was All Happening Too Fast'

Jun 16th 2011 1:20PM Too old he's just too old he's too old to cut the Mustard any more. Crystal, you can sing "Precious Memories, how they linger" the best he can do is with his finger.


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