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'Army Wives' Spinoff Series With Gabrielle Union Rejected

Sep 6th 2010 2:04PM Please DO NOT take Army Wives off. I have enjoyed every episode and can't wait for the next one. If men think it is too "soapy", then let them watch the NUMEROUS sports and reality shows. I am sick of shows that are supposed to be real. Do you honestly think all of those scenes are done in one "take" and are real? I don't mind sports, but I watch TV to escape reality. Army Wives is a really good show and deserves several more years.

The Doggie Diaries - When Your Pooch Makes New Human Friends

Jul 19th 2010 2:28PM When my son Stan was born, I had two German Shepherds. The male always slept at our bedroom door. The first night my son was home, he moved to a new spot where he could see our door and my son's door. When my son was learning to walk, Edel never knocked him down. As my son became more agile, he was always pulling Edel's tail and trying to ride him. One day I heard my son screaming in the back yard. I looked out the window and saw Edel chasing him, "fleaing" his rear end. I laughed until I cried because I knew that there would be no more tail pulling or rides. My female GS knew that my son was too short to crawl up on the couch, so she would lie on the floor and let him use her body to reach the seat (even when she was VERY pregnant with 10). Over the years I have had 6 of these wonderful four legged companions, each seemingly more wonderful than the last. My current girl is 8-1/2 and I am 72; so I am sure she will be my last. The only drawback to this breed is that they don't live forever. I know that they will all be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes. (If you don't know about the Rainbow Bridge, please look it up).

The Daily Fix: Ward Off Mosquitoes

Jun 3rd 2010 2:29PM All you need is Avon Skin So Soft lotion to keep mosquitos off of you. I went to a high school reunion barbque in Louisiana at a house on the bayou. I used the Avon lotion and did not get one bite. Believe me, it works.

Jimmy Smits, Kathy Bates Series Picked Up by NBC; 'Mercy,' 'Trauma' Canceled

May 16th 2010 3:32PM I agree with comments on NBC. I am a senior citizen with health problems and watch a lot of TV. Just checked and see that next week I only watch 2 NBC shows (Parenthood, which is great, and Friday Night Lights, which NBC must have realized they should "rehire."

The Doggie Diaries: Are Dogs and Babies a Good Mix?

Apr 29th 2010 3:55PM I have had German Shepherds for 45 years. When my son was born and we brought him home, my GS moved from guarding our door at night to the door of my son's room. My son rode him and antagonized him for a couple of years until he could walk well. One day I heard my still toddler screaming in the back yard. My GS was "fleaing" him (little nips) on his rear end. After that my son never tried to ride him again and he never "fleaed" him again. My very pregnant female GS let him use her as a step to crawl up on the couch. I could have put my two 100 lb. GS in a play pen with my son and he would never have been knocked down. Anytime a stranger arrived, the GS immediately got between them and my son until I said it was okay. If you combine good breeding and a lot of love, you will never have to worry about a GS and a baby/child.

Can 'Damages' Be Saved by DirecTV?

Apr 3rd 2010 3:16PM I think the negative reviews for "Damages" come from the "major" studios who come up with a good new show every couple of years. Most of my favorite shows are on LIFE, FOX, FX, Family, CW, TNT, ABC Fam, etc. I am sick of reality shows that never seem real. I think the very best big network show in the last few years is "Brothers and Sisters." It is absolutely wonderful and loaded with wonderful actors/actresses. I think "Parenthood" will be the non-network winner. "Damages" is a very well done show with great acting. Keep it going.

The recession slammed 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' production, says Paul DiMeo

Feb 22nd 2010 12:49PM I think the idea for the show is great. The only problem I have is the stupidity of building mansions for people that can't afford to pay for the utilities. The show would be great if it built a home the recipients could afford to live in. Give them first class furniture and appliances and building materials; but don't make it so large that anyone would need three maids and a fortune for utilities and yard work and taxes. You could help more people and make the show more realistic this way.

'NCIS: L.A.,' 'The Good Wife,' 'Men of a Certain Age' Renewed

Jan 15th 2010 2:57PM I agree with all of the shows that are being renewed (Castle, MOACA, NCIS-LA, and especially The Good Wife which has run to the top of my list of favorites).

What Saved NBC's 'Trauma' From Cancellation?

Nov 22nd 2009 4:49PM I think the only people the networks poll are the teeny-boppers. There are a lot of us senior citizens that watch tv every night and constantly lose good programs because of "bad" ratings. Bad by whose standards? Maybe all of the shows I watch are not award worthy, but they are watched every week and a lot are recorded because I can't watch two shows at once. I agree CBS is my most common destination; but watch out for the other channels. I love The Closer, Saving Grace, Nip/Tuck, Damages, Army Wives, 24, Prison Break, In Plain Sight, Mental, Hawthorne, Raising the Bar,Drop Dead Diva, Levarage, etc. There are a lot of times I can watch one program and record two others. Take really good representative polls so that good shows on other channels are rewarded by a diverse population.

This is America, please order in English

Dec 23rd 2007 2:54PM English is the accepted national language in America, but we need to make it the national language. Those who come to our country need to accept that. There is no way that each one of us can learn the language of every country represented by the NUMEROUS nationalities who choose to live in or visit our country. I have no problem in Texas with a Mexican person opening a business here and only speaking Spanish. I will either try to use sign language or some other means to communicate or just not go to his business. I am getting sick and tired of having to "punch 1 if you speak English." Of course I speak English. We didn't have to learn to speak Italian or Dutch or Swedish or French when those immigrants came over here. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Only the numbers. They choose to live here; so please choose to adapt or quit complaining.



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