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How to Mess with Your Co-Workers

Jan 11th 2008 1:07PM I don't know how one would get a rubber band half way into a cigarette, but, I'm sure it consumed idle time! LOL
Miss Teresa needs a class in sentencing structure and punctuation, aside from spelling! LOL
Tampering with food can be a very dangerous and pathetic attack. What ever happened to the "whoopie cushion" that created a harmless laugh?!?!

How to treat a cold sore

Jan 3rd 2008 10:36PM I suffered with fever blisters (herpes simplex virus) all of my life and I am 54 yrs old. I worked at a hospital where I was told about the Lysine and YES! THAT DOES WORK! I had a pharmacist friend who would treat my oncoming blisters with ether. I got 4 or 5 treatments a day at the very first "itch" sensation and it never erupted. Over the years I've never heard this discussed or talked about. I will also say that since menopause (5 yrs now) I have only had 2 very mild outbreaks. One happened from getting a sunburn and the other occurred after drinking heavily at a party. I found that 99% of my outbreaks were due to nites of drinking too much, spending too much time in the sun and getting burned, and also when I had my periods. It took me a long time to realize this before I stayed out of the sun and stopped indulging in alcohol! LOL I once had a Dr. hold a blacklight over my face and by doing that you can see scars that are not visible in ordinary light. I have a lot of scarring on my lips, chin & around my nostrils....all the places I had cold sores. Lysine is good to take at the very first sign...right when you get the "itch". It can also be taken in smaller doses daily as a preventative. I hope this helps others.

Marriage Proposal Prank

Sep 15th 2007 7:03PM That little sawed-off weasel needs his sissy-ass kicked. This MIGHT have been remotely funny if Sharon had been-in-on the joke. My little sister said she'd squash the turnip for the sequel.

Rosie Bashed Anna Nicole ... The Day She Died

Mar 15th 2007 4:30PM By the way, Anna was no saint....she was a porn star, not that I find fault with that....but, she was what she was! They're going to find Howard Stern at the bottom of all this, hide-n-watch!

Rosie Bashed Anna Nicole ... The Day She Died

Mar 15th 2007 4:07PM When you leave a comment, you might TRY to exeucute proper spelling and grammar...this way you won't look like a "dweeb" from first grade! Personally, I love Rosie....she SAYS what most of us THINK! So, she "blogs" outloud! Donald Trump is a womanizing pig! His finances can't be "all-that" or else he would have done something about that atrocious rug on his head! GO ROSIE!


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