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Linda Tuthill

Linda Tuthill

Member Since Mar 16th, 2007

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Student's Harvey Milk Report Censored By School

May 26th 2009 3:54PM I never heard of Harvey Milk until the movie was made.
Was he a great politician or was it just the fact that he was a gay politician?
I applaud the school for watching over the students, they obviously read the report and know the content and felt it was to liberal for 6th graders.
Our children are growing up to fast, let them be children, parents need to go back to good, wholesome Godly values.

Oprah Denies Shutting Out Palin

Sep 6th 2008 7:39PM Sarah wouldn't lower herself to be rude to Oprah seeing how she is a good Christian woman, unlike Oprah who is trying to teach her own interpretation of the Bible. Which what I've seen is so far off, God forgive you. My God says you are not to add or subtract from His word. "Shame on you Oprah" When you stop all that and get back on track with your life, your ratings will go back up, as will your O magazine. Remember where you came from, I stopped getting your mag. due to the ads. who can afford them? No one I know. I live in the Western Mountains of NC. am a retired nurse. I'm not a wealthy woman. I'm disabled, had 3 knee replacements, arthritis that won't quit, I love the simple things in life. God Bless those that are running for president for it is truly a thankless job. Lindalu Star Lily Tutolo

What's Your Favorite Type of Dog?

May 26th 2008 2:04PM I have a Shar Pei Not the ones with all the wrinkles. They have started breeding ones to look like the ones that guarded the temples in China. They still have the hump nose, same kind of fur, ears,they do have some wrinkles around the neck, and withers area. Therefore they do not have the skin problems like the others . Their personalities are wonderful. They are very protective over their family and home. I do love them so very much,
Thanks for letting me share about the dogs I so dearly have grown to love so much.

Hot Seat: Is Obama a Fake Christian?

Apr 27th 2008 2:00PM No one can know if anyone is a "fake" Christian but themselves and of course God. We need to pray for ALL the candidates and those in office now. This is a thankless job for anyone. God Bless whomever wins.
My question is does he really respect America? I did not see the photo of Obama not having his hand over his heart during the pledge, but I heard he refused to do that. Yes?

How to de-stinkify your shoes

Oct 28th 2007 4:01PM Y'all should wear socks with sneakers, and thank-you for the helpful hint, I'll give it a try with my grandkids sneaks.

Five potentially cancer-causing foods to avoid

Oct 24th 2007 7:31PM All the pollution, hormones, etc., etc., today can't be compared to what was basically pure years ago. I'll eat broccoli, drink blueberry and pom juice. I love life, have a wonderful family, yet I'm not afraid to die, I choose to live a healthy life if possible, and I'll do whatever I need to do to keep healthy. I love skim milk. Ovaltine. Smart Balance. Wheat. I lost 100 lbs. in 6 mos. Not diet drinks. No soda. Good mountain water. God helps those who helps themselves. I try the best I can. Good luck to all those who try.

Seacrest ... Outed?

Mar 16th 2007 12:27PM Personal business should stay just that, personal. If its meant to be known that person will tell it. As far as idol goes, it is a bore this year. I agree there are only two girls that are worth being there. Lakisha, and Melinda are wonderful. What's with the judges this year? They are (minus Simon of course) expressionless, same reaction to almost all, no productive advice. I have always admired Simon. Randy is to much of the Ghetto talk for me, Paula used to be super emotional, but now she's expressionless,a nothing. Simon is the only one who ever gives productive advice and is really honest. Helping in Africa, I think it's wonderful. At least there we are appreciated. Idol you are doing a great thing by helping millions of innocent people. I love American Idol. Been watching since it started.


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