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Foreclosure Victims Plan Protests Across U.S.

Sep 19th 2011 7:48PM Where is O'bama? Where is all that bail out money! You see ladies and gentelmen, it's all a scam. Obama, the bailout, tarp. All a scam. Where is the "social justice" that O'bammy keeps touting. Have HIM write a check. As for the bank, have them produce the NOTE on the house. Here is your "Hope N Change" in action. They are hoping you dont see what they're doing as they're changing the country - forever.

San Francisco: A Town Without Kiddies?

Jun 21st 2011 3:56PM Of course you would. Your part of the problem.

San Francisco: A Town Without Kiddies?

Jun 21st 2011 3:53PM Adam and Steve - population zero. Is anyone surprised?

Judge to Mom: 'You Don't Spank Children'

Jun 21st 2011 3:43PM Hey parents! Your only responsible for food, clothing, shelter and financially when the wild banshees run wild! You're no longer allowed to discipline! You might hurt the child's feelings! "The Professionals" (although not one of them have children) have spoken!" Then later on in life when the hardened criminals really do something really wicked, they will turn the cameras on you and say: "Why didn't you raise the child better"? The judge should be voted out of office!!!!!!!!!!!

Pal: 'Heartbroken' Hef Thought Crystal Was the One

Jun 15th 2011 6:40PM Who give a rat's arse? Really? Who?

Marchesa Unveils New Version of the Playboy Bunny Outfit

May 29th 2011 4:15PM They are UGLY. Where did they dig these up? The "new outfits" are ugly too.

Chaz Bono: My Mom Just Needed More Time to Accept Me

May 17th 2011 7:07PM I can't believe "IT" wants acceptance.

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Is Front-Runner in GOP Debate

May 6th 2011 5:09PM Are white people are the only one's who are or can be racists? The one who believes this to be true; your attention is invited to your mirror. The majority of the democratic party is comprised of white people. Yet you vote for them time and time and again. How are you doing financially? They been in contol of the purse strings from 2006-till Jan 2011. How is that working our for you?

Marie Osmond Remarries First Husband 26 Years After Divorce

May 4th 2011 8:09PM Re-married her first husband? That is NOT-Biblical. Oh, forgot she's mormon, so it don't matter. Yeah right. Ya know, what's that word they call women who sleep around? Rhyms with sore.

New Study: Black Women Have Highest Rate of Children with Different Fathers

Apr 28th 2011 10:20PM Jerome: Ma'ma it that my daddy? Mama: "No Jerome, that's your brother Zeke's daddy. Jersome: Who is uncle Stanley? Mama: "Uncle Stanley is your other brothers daddy. What is wrong with this picture?


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