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Got Grilling Tips?

May 26th 2008 1:32AM Response to Colleen: indenting the center of a burger is to keep it from 'raising up' in the middle, not to prevent shrinkage. Having grilling meats at room temperature is best way to reduce shrinkage.
A delicious way to grill pork chops: sprinkle both sides with seasoned salt, rub in and cook until just done. You will never fry them again.

Girlfriends Gone: CW Network Cans Popular Black Sitcom

Feb 18th 2008 10:17PM Enough already! ! ! Who cares? If you miss this show, it is evidence of a two-digit I.Q. ;[

20 excellent extra uses for milk

Jan 5th 2008 3:10PM Yet another suggestion. Soak liver in milk to take out the bitterness and tenderize it. DO not overcook the liver. It will come out tough no matter what you soak it in!

Janet Jackson and her 'baby making' music

Jan 5th 2008 12:23AM Ironic that her brother Michael uses the song to allure little boys. YUK!

Ellen DeGeneres cleans up on sale of Santa Barbara home

Dec 12th 2007 11:20AM YEH. Now she can afford therapy for her hysterical behavior when she breaks the rules.

Baba Wawa is Tired of Celebrity Interviews: Should She Stay, or Should She Go?

Dec 7th 2007 9:15PM BaBa WaWa has gone over the hill rolling-rolling-rolling-down-down-down when she hired Loud mouth Rosie and now the DUMB black obese road, who, unfortunately, generates ignorance with her kid. ;/

Judge Who Will Sentence Michael Vick Loves Dogs, Hates Gambling

Nov 21st 2007 11:11PM To Bobby: I bet you wrote your note with your chicken licking fingers. Yum!

Judge Who Will Sentence Michael Vick Loves Dogs, Hates Gambling

Nov 21st 2007 11:06PM Even five (5) years in jail is a blessng to what he did to helpless silent animals. He needs to be grateful that another human doesn't water him down and shock him. Maybe he will be raped in jail like the female dogs he financially supported. Violence to Vick is a Victory! ! ! ;-)

Preacher Makes a Freudian Slip

Aug 17th 2007 12:32PM AS a mental health clinician, Freudian slips are the true unconscious coming through, only one of three ways to reach the unconscious. The other is hypnosis and "truth serum". So, , , this is what was really on his mind. Thankfully he WAS speaking of a sinful city,not another scripture. But then he makes it worse by consciously saying, "HOLY COW". Please. We all know what was TRULY in his heart. At least the audience laughed. Guess they don't know how revealing Freudian slips really are.

Tech Tips for Looking Busy at Work

Jul 25th 2007 7:39PM This is exactly why the dollar is devalued, and overseas technology is way ahead of the USA resulting in USA longstanding companies are closng down leaving thousands of workers in the welfare and unemployment line. This is a reason that outsourcing is so prevalent. Don't blame anyone but yourself, you twits.


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