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J.E. Hyatt

J.E. Hyatt

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Autistic child kicked off flight

Jun 26th 2008 1:09AM It really doen't matter the reason or the malady why a person behaves in a disruptive manner. It is
unacceptable on an airline.
One or two individuals can not disrupt the majority's safety , comfort, or schedule.
If you can't comply with the rules as they pertain to everyone don't fly.
It is unfortunate but it's, what is.
Traci; get over yourselfrighteous rant. Some of us have or had children, that doesn't mean we have to like everbody elses, or appove of the way they behave or the way their parents behave.

Northern Lights May Increasingly Interfere With GPS

Jun 24th 2008 9:41PM I use the Trip Tix from AAA

Hot Seat: Did Bush Sanction Torture?

Jun 24th 2008 6:40PM Define what you mean by touture AOL? Just another media warp and distortion.
The Hague not withstanding terrorists do not play by any rules other than their own. All bets are off when the gloves came off on 9-11.
Abu Grahib was a cake walk compared to what these cretin rag heads do.
The UN is useless, they equivocate, vasillilate in the the unholy name of negociate.
Just do whatever it takes.
Fed up with the mamby bampy wonkers whose opinion is as wothless as their ass. Most of which have never been on the line.

Al Sharpton Considering Action on Don Imus Adam Jones Remarks

Jun 23rd 2008 9:39PM # 20. Mr. A Smith; You are obviously a student of the sharpton school of ignorance and you and your opinion are as insignificant.
Imus has as much right to say what he wants as that un-American pastor wright and his congregation of liberally, liberal lipped lemmings.
The only thing you liberals are liberal with is other peoples money, your biased ideas of right, and the convoluted idea that freedom of speech only applies to you. Take your PC BS and reinsert back into the lower orifice from which it came.

Australian Man in Wheelchair Nabbed for DUI

Jun 23rd 2008 8:07PM However, unlike some humans, we're guessing even an intoxicated horse would have enough sense to steer clear of a major highway.
I have to disagree. 2 of our horses managed to get out of their pasture and into our apple orchard where they proceeded to eat the fermented apples off the ground. They were souced.
When we tried to get them the took off running erradically down the road. We finally got them walked them home and put them in their stalls. One layed down and slept it off the other fell asleep standing leaning againt the wall. We're lucky they didn't colic. We re-nicknamed them stubble bum & sot.
Riding drunk may not kill you but you will fall off a lot.

Fiat apologizes to China for Richard Gere commercial

Jun 23rd 2008 7:35PM It's a homely little car, the lights do look Chinese however.
These inane appologies over imaginary insults are the new age passtime. Courses starting soon at your local Junior college: PC BS 101. For the feely-touchy challenged. Tuition will be donated to the hug-a-bunny fund.

Don Imus on Adam Jones: 'What Color Is He?'

Jun 23rd 2008 5:45PM Well color me black and gimmie my unearned privledges, Is be entitled. I's got my wefare, my's plasma 52" TV , My's big shinny car an my babies fat assed mama. Yuse owes me all dat and respect. I's be da responsibity of whitey. My Revrun Dung say so.
BS on PC and all of it's mind numbed lemming followers. Your backassward opinion matters not.
Guilt trips are no way to travel.
The first Ammendment belongs to all of US including Imus.

Don Imus on Adam Jones: 'What Color Is He?'

Jun 23rd 2008 5:10PM Well the truth doesn't necessarily come dressed for dinner and it's obvious Imus is comfortable in his underware.

Could you have sex 101 days in a row?

Jun 16th 2008 6:18PM Who the hell keeps score and why would you? It's not an Olympic event ... Yet, or a contest. What a mockery of love. Tacky foolish people.

Ex-Panther Jason Peter Details Use of Crack, Vicodin, Ambien, Vodka, Prostitutes

Jun 12th 2008 8:51AM I sit here and read all this crap in total amazement. It is very sad to see how many people have no command of the english language, grammer or spelling.
Doug the word is spelled grammar.
Or, are you refering to your grandmother, in which case that would be Gramma.
LOL .... Got to love it, who is the ignoramous here?


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