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Career Changers Choose Teaching

Jun 29th 2009 6:14AM Hundreds of applications for one teaching position in NJ towns. Don't expect to get a job so soon. BTW, there's also layoffs in the urban "Abbott" districts!!!

Top 11 Oprah Blunders of '07: No. 11

Nov 14th 2007 8:31PM Rachel is very hot, most women are just plain jealous!!!

Yum! Ohhhhhh ...

Aug 20th 2007 2:08PM She is as "cute as a button" and anyone who doesn't tink she's a fox is stupid as hell!!!

Top 8 ways vinegar is the DIY cleaner of choice

Aug 3rd 2007 7:32AM If any brats throw eggs at your house, it removes the egg from vynil siding.

Rachael Ray elected President

Apr 2nd 2007 10:55PM Too many of you are just too jealous of Rachel Ray...


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