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Court to Jennifer Lopez: First Husband's Home Video Can Be Released

May 31st 2011 5:09PM It looks like the EX found a way around the confidentially agreement from their divorce, the agreement that had stood up in court. He SOLD the material to a third party (his current girlfriend). The court may be looking at the fact that the EX isn't "going to be enriched". Too bad they don't see it for what it is.

Disney vs. Time Warner Cable: Yet Another Battle That May Take Away Your Favorite Channels or Raise Your Bill

Aug 9th 2010 9:30PM Ah, not that long ago (in the big scheme of things) we were able to get the networks via antenna. Then came cable, and CC&Rs telling people "no antenna" on their homes. Our cable bills go up and up, still we lose our rights to chose what we want to watch unless we pay up. Look at the "dish" providers, and at least around here, none of them appeal to us, mainly because they talk out of both sides of their mouth.

McDonald's faces lawsuit threat over 'Happy Meal' toy offers

Jun 23rd 2010 5:52PM If the kids are looking forward to getting the toy, how about going about it this way - have the parent make the decision to take apples over fries, and milk or juice over soda. There are better choices. Unless the parent is afraid of being the parent, that is ...

McDonald's faces lawsuit threat over 'Happy Meal' toy offers

Jun 23rd 2010 5:50PM Why can't the parents be the ones deciding on whether or not to buy a Happy Meal for their kid? If a parent wants to feed their child milk, and the child can digest it and get nutrition from it, let them! I know too many kids who can't digest milk, and have to go to alternatives. I also know of kids who are not given milk, but get sodas instead. Any idea what their teeth and bones look like? How about letting parents make good decisions for their own kids - unless these blowhards are willing to take full responsibility for the child until adulthood.

Opinion: Careful, Son, Your Helping Hand Could End Up in Cuffs

Jun 17th 2010 4:47PM Jennylee and Emily - you must be buds or the same person.

On a positive note, too bad more people aren't interested in the welfare of others, especially of children. Too many times I hear a child screaming in a store and watch other shoppers walk by. Any chance this child is being abused or with an adult that he/she shouldn't be with? Sometimes just making sure the "adult" with the child knows they are being watched settles the situation. The worse case scenario would be this adult really has a plan with the child.

This young man did what he thought was right, reuniting a lost child with a parent who wasn't watching her as she should have.

Famous Movie Locations: Scenes From 'The Goonies' (Astoria, Oregon)

Jun 9th 2010 1:23AM Add "Into the Wild", directed by Sean Penn several years ago. Some of the footage was filmed of Williamsport Road (affectionally referred to as "dump road" by the locals - it's near the dump. Astoria is a beautiful, historical town!

I Gave My Baby the Wrong Name!

Jun 7th 2010 11:58AM My folks couldn't find a name, so waited until a neighbor suggested one - the name of their deceased child. Nice. Then they couldn't really decide on the spelling, so through the last 60+ years, I've had to deal with three variations they listed on the birth certificate, with social security, and on church records. To add to the confusion, my middle name is either "E" or Elize, depending on the "official" document. Sounds like revenge? I didn't think so until I found a letter in my parents belongings, from a relative, suggesting they "accept" the fact that I wasn't a boy. Really Nice!!!!!! LOL

Sure, I could have legally corrected "their" naming issues, but I'm sure those old monikers would surface again and again.

Walmart saves families $700 million a year? Show me the math

May 21st 2010 12:27PM Walmart can only 'save you money' if you buy their 'Rollback' priced items. For the stuff you really need, Target and others beat them. At least that's the way it is around here. Besides, Walmart employees can be very rude so if that's what you want, go for it. We prefer being treated with respect.

Tough California Law Targets 'Babies'

May 10th 2010 1:08AM Ah, another reason I count my lucky stars that we are no longer in CA!

How to Fight the Colic Baby Blues

May 8th 2010 6:06PM We tried breast milk, 'enfamil', soy milk, and finally goat's milk. That finally worked. When we first reported the 'colic' symptoms to the doctor, all he said was 'all babies cry'. Well, we knew something was amiss, as our son was crying all his waking hours, and obviously in pain. When he began to have a bloody rash, that was it. A new doctor immediately prescribed goat's milk. Within days, the rash was healed and we had a happy baby. Moral of the story? Don't believe any 'all babies cry' story. Investigate, try other avenues, and talk to others and doctors.


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