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patricia pace

patricia pace

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New Hampshire Child Falls Down Laundry Chute, Gets Trapped in Wall

Nov 25th 2012 12:30PM Never necessary to hit a child. A stern warning and an angry finger shaking should do it - followed by a padlock on the door to the shute.

Charlie Parker of Warren, Texas, Puts Home Up for Sale to Help Find Lost Dog

Oct 14th 2012 5:49PM Kick a guy when he is down? Oh boy!

Charlie Parker of Warren, Texas, Puts Home Up for Sale to Help Find Lost Dog

Oct 14th 2012 5:38PM Don't forget the kitties. I have two that sleep on my bed every night. One, the male, follows me everywhere. Where I am, he is. And he is funny and bright. He goes into an "act" in the doorway to my computer room. When I praise him or laugh, he runs downstairs and back up and does it all over again. My dad said that Siamese cats are half dog and half monkey. I think that is about right.

Messy Yard Brings Jail Time for SC Woman, Then Help

Feb 1st 2012 1:16PM How about City Hall?

Cat Is Amazed by Car Travel

Nov 30th 2011 10:45PM Terrified, more than amazed.

Excited Puppy Jumps for Joy

Jul 13th 2011 4:57PM I canot believe the woman (or aol) does not understand that the puppy is jumping to get onto the ottoman, not for joy.


Elizabeth Taylor's Garden (PHOTOS)

Jul 8th 2011 4:35PM please stop sending me materials. I have not asked to receive these and am angry that you are disrupting y privacy and invading my computer.

Maria Shriver Buys $10 Million Mansion Near Schwarzenegger's Home

Jul 8th 2011 11:45AM I cannot imagine what Maria ever saw in Arnold. Yikes! In my best days, I would not have even thought about him.

Should Casey Anthony Pose for Playboy?

Jul 6th 2011 9:59PM If you are asking me, I really do not care what is in this woman's future. I don't even want to contemplate it.

La Toya Jackson: Michael Was Murdered ... His Kids Have 'Nothing'

Jul 5th 2011 1:27PM Michael seemed to be a lovely, sweet soul. If he died at the hands of another person, that person lived in vain - a malicious life without a good purpose. His death blighted his family, friends, and an entire generation. I just cannot believe it!!!


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