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Five Products That Contain Formaldehyde: Is Your Health at Risk?

Dec 24th 2010 8:24PM Apples contain up to 23 ppm of formaldehyde, Maybe an apple a day does not keep the doctor away? Actually that is a small amount.

Window Insulation Film

Oct 23rd 2010 4:58PM Just be aware that at times the film will cause windows to crack. Sometimes that is due to thermal issues with it, sometimes it is due to the fact the film shrinks a bit and a little tension spread across the surface of the glass can cause it to fracture. Look at the information you get with the film or discuss this with the installer if you have someone install it. I have casement style windows, those that tilt outwards from the side which has a sliding hinge. I have just finished a two year project to sand and refinish them and renew the 24 year old weatherstripping. The windows are nice in that they use an 1/8" grove all the way around the perimeter of the sash (the part on the house). We live in a cold climate, South Dakota. It can be 40 degrees out all night and the furnace never comes on, house rarely goes below 65 degrees. We have a furnace that takes in outside air so the tightness does not seem to pose any problems. Utility consumption is half. Most homes leak enough air to have two or more complete volume changes per hour and this is a major source of energy loss, ususally more than the insulation or something like radiation loss through windows. Windows represent a very small portion of the overall surface area of any home so radiation in and out contributes a very small amount to heat gain and loss. Sorry for being so rambling.

Which Lightbulbs Save the Most Money? -- Savings Experiment

May 13th 2010 9:36PM There is something funny about the light output comparison. We subsituted CFL bulbs for incandescent in patient restrooms with what should have been a CFL with equal light. The State cited us for a deficiencies because the light level dropped from greater than 30 foot candles to under 8 within a few months in dozens of bathrooms in the facility. We have light level codes we have to meet. We had to go back and take them all back out. The light levels were pathetic.

Comedy Central May Roll Out Jesus Christ Series

May 8th 2010 2:30PM Maybe this WILL actually show up. Christians do not threaten to kill people who make fun of their religious beliefs but I can tell you it still hurts many Americans. I wonder what the sponsors of this program will think when we organize a nationwide boycott of their products?

Should Imus Be Fired?

Apr 10th 2007 9:52AM It is really frustrating to listen to all the sanctimonious comments by people like the "Reverend" Sharpton then contrast this with the nasty, ugly things he has said about politicians who do not agree with his left of center views.

The Imus Affair

Apr 9th 2007 3:19PM Lets fire the people who start out everything with suggestive questions and then go on to produce literally nothing in support of the question. Is there no originality left in you folks "creating" the news? It is always interesting to hear an entire day of comments each almost a carbon copy of the other yet represented as brilliant original work. Anyone who listens to Imus knows he likes to make humorous comments about life. Frankly, I have never heard some of the words he used so could not be offended if he wanted to offend me. I bet I am not alone.


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