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Denver HOA Looks to Ban Sidewalk Chalk Art

Jun 11th 2012 5:31PM Stupid, stupid, & stupid. Is that all the HOA has to do. I pity them.
It gets cloudy, it rains and the chalk washes off. Wow another environmental disaster brought on by the HOA. What have they wrought?

Testing: 8 Odd Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Jul 4th 2011 4:36PM Tried and proven. But a 5 lb bag of sugar. Open it and place in your neighbors yard. Within 1 day, voila, no more ants. Think about it.

If Air Traffic Control's Asleep, What Now?

Mar 24th 2011 4:55PM WOW. I can't even imagine an uncontrolled airport so close to viable targets.
Unforgivable. Where is the hind sight to not have a sole person responsible for so much security. Another bureaucratic failure. Can't blame Obama. Cant blame your Congress? Who has oversight on how this stuff happens. Just suppose a plane loaded with 40,000 lbs of C4 explosive or equivalent is allowed to land and take out the entire infrastructure of R.R. Airport. The possibilities are infinate because of the oversight of having only one person there. Sleeping or locked out, the result can be immediate peril to all.
My daughter is an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA and I'll bet she is astounded by this.
Yet through laxity it happens. Happened before. The fault lies far beyond the ATC. They follow the rules, yet laxity is no excuse. Lack of oversight is no excuse either.

Charles Schulz's Home: $2.2M, Snoopy's Doghouse Not Incl.

Feb 23rd 2010 6:20PM Snoopy will always have a home or a place to visit. He is a part of us as much as Charles M. Schulz was and still it.
Snoopy likes to travel. He still stops by my house on his way to nowhere.

Boycott Rosie?

Apr 10th 2007 6:29PM Ah, yes. Rosie does it again. Just to stip public sentiment. I've been there and done than. Forget Rosie. She is in a self drstruct mode. She has to be held accountable for her comments. Yes, she can hide behind the first amendment but I do not think she has ever even read the U.S. Constitution. It's time to get rid of her. She is an insult to any intelligent American. Barbara Walters used to be a powerful figure in the news. Not even she is sellng herself short bu bowing down to "Her Supreme Maj." Hey, Rosie. Who do you think you are kidding? All those bleeding heart liberals who constitute a small portion of "The Voew" I will defend to the death your right to sat the things you do but you are dead wrong. Get a life.
Wrong venue, wrong program. They should just fire you for your abberant take on the situation of yhr USA and the world.

Joe D


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