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Fixing My Grandmother's Hand Mixer - A Thanksgiving DIY Tale

Nov 22nd 2010 5:56PM I do the exact same thing. I have my great great grandmothers mixer and use it every Thanksgiving and Christmas to make pies with. Even though she isnt here with us, its wonderful to know that her memory lives on.....

Don't Play Ball With State of Arizona

May 1st 2010 4:35PM When I get stopped by the police I have to show my driver's license and proof of insurance. Why should they be exempt from showing paper work? If you dont want to get stopped in America, stay in MEXICO!

Holiday Gifts 2009: From A-Z

Nov 8th 2009 11:18AM If I could have anything: I need new living room furniture:)If it has to fit under the Christmas Tree then my wish would be for a flat screen television.

Alberto Contador's Comments Reveal True Feelings for Lance Armstrong

Jul 28th 2009 7:43PM Gotta say that I live in Austin and have never liked Lance. He is a jerk and I am not suprised that others are finally standing up to speak about it.

Is Rosie Trying to Get Fired?

Apr 9th 2007 8:00PM I hope she leaves the View. The View is supposed to be a show that different views are shared. However, she is so loud mouthed and *itchy that no one else can share thier view or thoughts. And if they even try she belittles, etc. Most of the time her facts are unfounded or are flat out wrong. Of course, she never recants but just moves on to the next idiotic statement. I dont mind different views and opinions but I would like to hear ALL of them, not just hers.


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