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Todd LeBaron

Todd LeBaron

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Who Wore it Best? Jessica Alba and Helen Mirren Look Fierce in Leopard Print [Photos, Poll]

Jul 24th 2011 3:13PM It all depends on what your personal preference is..but isn't that true of ALL these message boards? I don't have any opinion either way...but in my opinion, I like the look Jessica Alba comes across with somewhat more. I don't care who's accomplished more on the big screen in this case.

Georgia Jagger: Uptown | Downtown Beauty

Jul 10th 2011 8:18PM Sky, you seem like ypu've got a good solid grip on life in general...if commenting on yjr grammar of otjhers is the most important thing in your life. Have YOU tried hanging yourself yet? Did it work?

Taylor Swift And Her Cornrow Past

Jul 10th 2011 2:20PM Taylor Swift is a total class act compared to Kanye West, and judging by your words...compared to you as well. She was there to accept an award and he couldn't keep his tongue in his head and couldn';t resist showing his lack of any kind of couth or IQ. She sings and writes just fine, has her head on straight and is pretty much free of scandal in the press...and she looks just fine these days. A bright and smart young woman who's had some much deserved success. Someone else put it eloquently and succinctly here: jealousy is so unbecoming to anyone who spews it in a public forum.
If you're more talented, then let's hear what you've got. otherwise, if you're not a fan, don't ramble on and on about how much you dont care about someone by giving them this much's a waste of your breath and our time. I wish taylor all the success in the world. She's earned it and I'm happy for her!

La Toya Jackson: Michael Was Murdered ... His Kids Have 'Nothing'

Jul 3rd 2011 10:06AM Tell her her 15 minbutes are over??? Wait just a damned minuyte here, Mike. Would you accept someone telling YOU that if this were someone in YOUR family and you had the same questions? Is there something seriously wrong with you or what? I have a fair number of questions myself about this whole case, and if you think it's okay to just tell her to give it up because it doesn't concern YOU, then you need a serious reality jolt.

Evan Rachel Wood Shows Off New Pixie Cut (Photo)

Jun 22nd 2011 1:32PM She's not wearing a wig because she doesn't want to. Ever think of someone making a change because they WANT TO? YOU might not like her new look...but like everyone else on the planet except for're not her. She's not here to be what YOU expect her to be...only herself.

Charlie Sheen in Negotiations for New TV Show

Jun 14th 2011 7:53PM Does Charlie Sheen have enough money? Are you kidding? From syndication and DVD sales of Two and a Half Men alone, never mind Spin City and the sheer number of films the guy's been in, he's really doing just fine, thanks. I wouldn't worry about his his ability to get along with certain people might be a different story...but he's not hurting for money. Not by a long shot.

Weight Loss Lessons: What One Author Wishes She Knew at 23

Jun 11th 2011 10:42PM Let me ask a question to the parents that are complaining that their kids are overweight because of McDonald's...1) Do you cook at home? 2) If ten year old kids are eating that often at McDonald's, who's bringing them there? I didn't drive myself to the restaurant when I was ten...and I sure didn't eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day there. We ate there once every couple of weeks at the most.
The answer is the same one here as it is to the question: "What kind of role model is this or that rock star or sports figure to my kids?" The answer is, YOU'RE the parent. YOU be the role model instead of trying to put that job off onto Miley Cyrus, Shaquille O'Neal, Tom Brady or Lady Gaga. Role model is YOUR job, Mr. and/or Mrs. Parental Figure. Feed your kids what they need to stay healthy, and show them your best ability to be their mom and/or dad, and stop trying to put the respnsibility on everyone else.

'Two and a Half Men' Triggers Bizarre Bomb Scare

May 29th 2011 10:21PM If you won't be watching, there's no way you will possibly know how the show will be. I guess Ron White's right after can't fix stupid.

Paul Reiser's New Show Yanked by NBC After Only Two Episodes

Apr 24th 2011 9:58AM This isn't anything new...back in the early 80s, CBS was moving WKRP in Cincinnati all over the schedule to the point where the CAST was joking "Guess I'd better buy a TV Guide so I can see when we're on THIS WEEK!" Whern CBS cancelled the show, their claim was low ratings numbers...the show was #7, leading me to believe the networks have no clue at all what works and what doesn't. At least Friends stayed on Thursday nights at 8 over on NBC for almost its entire ten year run, after the first half of season 1 when it ran at 9:30. Someone at least had the good sense to keep it where it was so people actually knew when to tuner in. We could use some more of that kind of logic these days. Are you listening, Jeff Zucker (as if the whole Leno-Conan thing wasn't enough to justify letting handing Zucker his own head on a silver platter)?

Kate Hudson: Style Evolution

Apr 19th 2011 9:21PM Diana, people who appoint themselves judge and jury are not above being judged themselves. I have never thought of Goldie Hawn as a tramp, nor do I consider her daughter one either. Goldie Hawn is a sweet, smart woman who has never had an unkind word to say about anyone, not to mention an incredibly beautiful and successful actress. I grew up watching her on TV and in films...the term "tramp" is about the furthest thing from my mind when I think of her. You can waste all the time you want spewing yuor hatred for both of them, conidering that you know neither of them at all.
My suggestion would be to keep your mouth shut if you can't say anything nice at all.


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