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Girl Scouts Distribute Planned Parenthood Sex Guide at United Nations Meeting

Mar 19th 2010 12:13AM Hey, guess what? I have been a Girl Scout leader for 5 years since my girls were in 2nd grade...and yes-they are Girl Scouts, and yes, they are awesome girls who have values and morals...but they are teenagers who THINK ABOUT SEX!!!

Oh My Gosh!!! NO WAY!!! You mean they're not out hiking and selling cookies all the time??? You mean THEY NOTICE BOYS???

Granted, they're middle school kids who hopefully aren't ready for the Planned Parenthood stuff yet, but come on! We have to be honest with them and give them the info they need. I'd rather have them trust me and ask me questions than try to figure it out themselves....isn't that what a "role model" is???? Of course, my girls know they can ask me anything, and they do (sometimes I think a few just try to embarrass me!) but they also know if it's something big, we'll talk to their mom together if they need me to be there!

That's what Girl Scouts is about...helping these great young girls turn into RESPONSIBLE, great, young women with a future!

20 excellent extra uses for milk

Jan 5th 2008 3:37PM Here's my favorite thing to do with milk:

1. Get a glass
2. Fill it with milk
3. Go to the cupboard and get some cookies (Oreos are best!)
4. Sit down at the table with your kid
5. Dip the cookies in the milk and eat them!

Yum! The best thing to do with milk, ever!

Made in the U.S.A.: What products are still American-made?

Sep 24th 2007 9:52AM Smuckers Jelly is also made in the USA, in Orrville, OH. They make the best strawberry jam (next to my grandma, of course!)

Made in the U.S.A.: What products are still American-made?

Sep 24th 2007 9:50AM Longaberger Baskets are made in the USA, but their cloth liner are not. They are imported from China. They used to be made here in Ohio, like the baskets, but when Dave Longaberger passed away his daughter outsourced the basket liners because it is cheaper. The cost of the liners, however, has in no way gone down.

I worked for Longaberger until a wrist injury made it impossible for me to weave anymore, and many members of my family worked for them until they closed the Hartville, OH plant, so I know this is accurate information

Snacking in the supermarket - is it stealing?

Apr 12th 2007 11:54PM I did it just today, and my daughter is 8 years old! We had to do some grocery shopping right after school and you know how hungry kids are then. Our store has a part of the deli where they sell chicken and jojo potatoes, and my daughter loves them, so I let her get a "snacker" and she ate it as we did our shopping. It sure beat having her ask for every other thing under the sun because she was hungry! (She's like me that way-I never shop when I'm hungry if I can help it!)


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